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    Fundamentals of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Development

    The course provides an introduction to Coal Seam gas: from a basic understanding of coal seam gas: through to exploration, appraisal and development of the resource.

    • History: Where did CSG come from? What were the technical and economic drivers
    • Exploration: where to start, what data is required and how to get it.
    • Appraisal: What is involved in the appraisal process of a CSG resource.
    • Well design: There are many different varieties of CSG well design, these all have different applications and different "footprints".
    • The course also provides an over view of CSG development considerations: planning, community engagement, development optimisation,processing facilities, access to market and environmental considerations.
    Day 1

    Introduction, History & Exploration Objectives

    • CSG Basics
    • History: Origins of CSG production
    • What coals are suitable for gas production?    

    Introduction to CSG: CSG Quiz, what do we know about CSG. Conventional vs. Unconventional, introduction to the Langmuir Isotherm. History: from Coal mine de-gasification through to the initial development of CSG in U.S. Exploration objective: Resource => reserves, key CSG criteria, mineralogy and the initial screening process.   

    Day 2


    • CSG Exploration Technologies
    • Permeability Testing

    The exploration process: rig selection, coring, sampling, desorption testing, CSG logging.  The importance of permeability testing and the alternative methods for deriving 'representative' permeability values. Exercise to demonstrate the importance of the Langmuir isotherm in determining recoverable reserves.     

    Day 3

     CSG Appraisal, Well design and Stimulation

    • How to appraise a CSG resource, pilot production testing
    • CSG well design
    • Fracture Stimulation of CSG wells     

    What is important in the appraisal process, why do a pilot test and what well spacing is required. Well design options: Impact on production rates and recovery. De-watering technologies. This section covers the key area of  CSG development well design, outlining the different alternatives through from basic design to current practise. The impact of the different designs on surface footprint is also outlined. Fracture stimulation: The principles and application of fracture stimulation to CSG production enhancement.             

    Day 4

     Development Considerations: Planning to Execution

    • Development Considerations, Part 1
    • Planning through to Execution.
    • Development Exercise
    • Reservoir Engineering

    For a CSG development the planning process involves much more than just the design process and procurement. The surface footprint can cover a significant area. Screening and community engagement can have as significant an impact on the final development as the subsurface and drilling considerations. Development / mapping exercise. CSG reservoir engineering: what is involved and what tools can be used.         

    Day 5

     CSG Development Considerations: Facilities to Sales

    • Development Considerations, Part 2
    • Surface Facilities through to gas sales.
    • CSG Quiz - what do we know now!
    • Close out

    This section covers the surface facilities required for and CSG development including water treatment technology. This leads logically through to the different sales options and how these will impact design. The main sales options are power and gas sales but these can vary significantly in size from local through to global impact. Recap on the weeks work, close out.  

    Technical, professional, business development, commercial or government personnel looking for a better understanding of what's involved in a coal seam gas development

    None, suitable for both technical and non technical personnel.

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