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    Fundamentals of FDP with OilSim

    This Field Development Planning course provides participants with an opportunity to learn the fundamental approach for working and writing a Field Development Plan.  The plan is a document that is an output of a sequence of decision and discipline based tasks designed to come up with a development plan.  It is, also, a basis for coming up with a robust way of developing, producing, and maintaining hydrocarbon resources.  A Field Development Plan forms an input for designing associated surface facilities. Combined documents, both subsurface and surface, form the basis for the financial decision.

    The participants will be introduced to all of these concepts as they are applied to the process of coming up with a development plan in relation to the reservoir life cycle.  This course will acquaint engineers, geoscientists, and operating personnel with the basic techniques used by asset management teams. 

    This version of the course uitization of OilSim Simulator for hands on exercises in such a manner that the participants will be followimng the entire life cycle of field development by simulation

    Day 1
    • Summary of the E&P Life cycle 
      • Exploration
      • Appraisal
      • Development
      • Surface Facility
    • Introduction of OilSim 
      • Challenge 1
      • Identification of Sedimentary Basin
      • Nomination of the 10 basins 
    Day 2
    • Review different types of reservoirs, based geology and drive mechanism and reservoirs.
    • Discuss and Review different types of development scenarios based the potential drive mechanism and reservoirs types, Oil, Gas or Oil-Rim and their development.
    • Introduction of OilSim challenge 2a and 2b if time permitting challenge 3a 
      • Review of the seismic data for prospect identification.
      • Social investment.
      • 3 a, (Drilling of a wild cat well) 
    Day 3
    • Evaluation of the opportunity.
    • Introduction of decision-based mapping 
      • Opportunity
      • Frame work
      • Value Creation
      • Stake holder
      • Risk and opportunity Register
      • Road Map
    • Introduction of OilSim challenge 3b. (Complete 3a if did not finish.) 
    Day 4
    • Review development plans. 
    • Project management
    • Introduction of OilSim challenge 4 and 5 
      • Working on the discovered Field identify the development type: 
      • Number of wells.
      • Completion
      • Optimizing the value of the discovery
    Day 5
    • Introduction to FDP workflow
    • Integration of different departments and execution
    • Introduction of OilSim challenge 6, (completion of challenge 5 
      • Project management 
      • Execution
      • First Oil 

    This course is designed to for multi-disciplinary asset teams of operating companies comprising of engineers, geoscientists, and managers who are involved in or will be involved in developing hydrocarbon resources


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