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    Fundamentals of FDP with OilSim

    This RILS (Remote Instructor Led Series) course of Fundamentals of FDP  provides participants with an opportunityto learn the fundamental approach in working and writing a Field DevelopmentPlan. It is a document which is an output of a sequence of decision anddiscipline based tasks designed to come up with a Development Plan. It is abasis for coming up with a robust way of developing, producing and maintaining hydrocarbonresource including surface design. It forms as an input for designingassociated surface facilities.  Combineddocuments, both subsurface and surface form the basis for financial decision.

    The structured approach is achieved byapplying concepts burrowed from different industries. These include project management,making a road map, risk register and stake holder mapping.

    The participants will be introduced to allthese concepts as they are applied in the process of coming up with adevelopment plan in relation to the reservoir life cycle.

    The life cycle is practiced by simulatingthese decisions with a simulator, OilSim. In this the participants are dividedinto teams. These teams represent and work as E&P companies. The goal is togo through the E&P life cycle process from exploration to discovery.

    Module 1 (4 Hours)
    • Fielddevelopment plan: Why, When and How.
    • Stagesof Reservoir life cycle
    • Differentapproaches of working on a Field Development Plan
    Module 2 (4 Hours)
    • OilSimChallenge

    Module 3 (4 Hours)
    • Differentapproaches of working on a Field Development Plan continued.
    • Introductionto Full Field Review, Conceptual FDP, Executable FDP
    Module 4 (4 Hours)
    • OilSim Challenge

    Module 5 (4 Hours)
    • Essentialsof a robust FDP.
    • Introduction toUncertainty analysis, Risk register, Stake holder mapping
    Module 6 (4 Hours)
    • OilSim Challenge
    Module 7 (4 Hours)
    • Introductionto decision-based mapping.
    Module 8 (4 Hours)
    • OilSimChallenge
    Module 9 (2 Hours)
    • Applicationof workflow and concepts on an example data set and with economics.
    Module 10 (4 Hours)
    • OilSimChallenge
    Module 11 (2 Hours)
    • FinalPresentation by the teams

    Field Development Planning report is document as an output of a sequence of decision and discipline based tasks designed to come up with a Development Plan. It is designed to for multi-disciplinary asset team of operating companies comprising of engineers, geoscientists, and managers involved in or will be involved in developing hydrocarbon resources


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