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    Fundamentals of Geomechanics for Sand Control and Hydraulic Fracturing applications - RILS

    This is a virtual course under Remote Instructor Led Series (RILS), delivered in two half-days in daily 4-hour sessions. The course describes fundamentals of Geomechanics that apply in the analysis and diagnose of sanding problems and in the design of Hydraulic Fracturing completions. Sanding risk, as function of formation properties and production conditions, is also discussed.

    Being a practical application of these fundamentals, the course starts explaining basic concepts related to rock mechanics and follows with series of training exercises, pedagogically executed, that can be used in the future as guidelines to solve real challenges.

    Softcopies of the slides will be sent to the Attendants. The Attendants will have to print hardcopies to be used during the lecture; formulas and exercises will be provided electronically in the form of a toolbox - a Practical Companion to Geomechanics in Sand Control.

    A pre-course quiz will be electronically sent to the Attendants to enable the Instructor to adjust the lecture to optimum effciency, and a last-day quiz will measure improvement.

    At the end of the course, Attendants will become conversant in the applications of Geomechanics in Sand Control and Hydraulic Fracturing.

    Day 1
    • Introduction to the course
    • Basic concepts (Stress, strain, Poisson ratio, Young module, UCS)
    • State of stresses in the Earth
    • Overburden and Effective Stress
    • Exercises related to these concepts
    Day 2
    • Determination of Poisson ratio and Young module from sonic logs
    • Example of calculation of UCS
    • Sanding risk
    • Exercises related with the topics

    Production, Stimulation, Reservoir and Drilling and Completion Engineers, other professionals requiring the fundamentals of the discipline. The course is particularly interesting to new comers and those taking new jobs related to Well Completions and Sand Control.

    Attendants need basic knowledge of oil and gas subsurface production, and a degree in a scientific or engineeringg discipline.

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