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    Fundamentals of Groundwater Quality and Hydrochemistry using AQUACHEM

    Provides an overview of natural groundwater and surface water quality, fundamentals of geochemistry processes and quantification (water-rock interaction, natural aqueous facies and evolution along groundwater flow), common graphing and interpretation techniques, as well as basic geochemical modeling using Aquachem and Phreeqc (USGS reactive models)

    Day 1

    Aqueous Geochemistry fundamentals

    1. Fundamental concepts: units, solutes, alkalinity/pH, Redox, Groundwater types
    2. Water Rock interaction processes: Mineral precipitation and dissolution, gas dissolution, Redox processes, ion exchange, Mineral equilibrium, reaction rates
    3. Water quality:
      1. Definition of water quality
      2. Drinking water standards
      3. Sources of contamination
    4. Use of isotopes in the study of groundwater geochemistry
    Day 2

    Data collection, management and analysis

    1. Groundwater sample collection: field and lab QAQC techniques
    2. Data display (plots): Piper, Schoeller, Box & Whiskers, time series and other diagrams
    3. Data reporting in tables and basis statistics
    4. AquaChem demo
      1. Parameters and metadata of a hydrochemical database
      2. Creating plots
      3. Calculate and report statistics

    Lab: create basic plots and tables

    Day 3

    Development of Conceptual Geochemical models

    1. Modeling data requirement
    2. Fundamentals of aqueous equilibrium thermodynamics
    3. Examples of applications
      1. Heating of groundwater
      2. Injection of water in an aquifer
      3. Seawater intrusion
    Day 4

    (Continued): Development of Conceptual Geochemical models

    1. Introduction to PHREEQC
    2. PHREEQC demo
    3. Lab: saturation index calculation using AquaChem and PHREEQC



    • O&G professionals involved with water well drilling and water sourcing/disposal
    • Fracking/stimulation professionals
    • EOR professionals
    • Oil Sands operators
    • Environmental/QHSE Personnel

    Aqueous Geochemistry fundamentals

    Data collection, management and analysis

    Development of Conceptual Geochemical models

    Fundamentals of groundwater hydrology and contamination

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