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Gas Compression and Transportation

The course is an intensive review of the natural gas compression and transport system. Special emphasis is focused on the collection of data and its evaluation using a process simulator. This course also discusses the design, selection and maintenance of the above mentioned equipment.  The course provides exercises along with the use of software to solve operational problems in the production and processing of natural gas in the most effective and reliable form.

Limitations of the procedures in making calculations for design and operation specifications will be discussed. The participants will learn how to work more efficiently using commercial software

Day 1


Natural Gas System

Process in the Natural Gas Plants


  • Characteristics of the type of gas
  • Laws affecting the gas behavior
  • Natural Gas components
  • Natural Gas Types
  • How to handle Gas in the compression plants
  • Factors affecting the compression system
  • Gas conditioning
  • Dehydration agents
  • Gas Gathering System
Day 2

Gas Compression System

  • Introduction to rotating equipment.
  • Principles of the compression system.
  • Thermodynamic of the compression system.
  • Compressor types.
  • Reciprocating compressors.
  • Centrifugal compressors.
  • Operating Curves.
  • Other compressor types.
  • Compressor Selection, control and operations.
  • Other equipment
  1. Drivers
  2. Gas turbine
  3. Combustion chamber.
  4. Other drivers
Day 3

Compression system simulation.

  • Review of the objectives of the simulation for design, selection and operation of the gas production
  • Equation of states and their applications
  • Estimation of the thermodynamic properties
  • Flow diagram to prepare compression stages
  • Simulation of pipelines, pumps and compressors.
  • Behavior of the hydrocarbon/water and dehydrated gas
Day 4

Examples and Exercises

Day 5

Natural gas transport

Criteria to handle the natural gas

Learning activity mix

Personnel involved in the gas field development, design operation and maintenance

Basic understanding of field operations, especially in the area of gas production.

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