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    Gathering System and Network

    The goal of this course will be to provide participants with an integrated vision of the oil and gas production during the life cycle of the asset.  With this vision, tools, and knowledge of the properties and flow of fluids provided, participants will be able to understand the behavior of fluids in the gathering system during its life cycle. 

    This course will put a strong emphasis on the calculation of fluid properties and phase behavior from the reservoir to the gathering network.  This knowledge will be necessary for surface facility engineers designing and operating the equipment and facilities.

    Specific topics that will be covered during this course will include integrated production systems, hydrocarbon properties, flow of fluid basic concepts, pressure drop for gas or liquid, and flow pattern correlations for horizontal pipes.

    Day 1

    Production Systems and Fluid Flow 

    • Production systems overview
    • Basic concepts of fluid flow
    • Single and multiphase flow

    On day one, participants will learn about oil and gas production systems.  Pressure profiles in the production system, basic concepts of fluid flow, and pressure drop calculations will also be discussed.  Single phase and multiphase flow fundamentals will be covered.  The day will end with exercises to help participants put what they have learned into practice.

    Day 2

    Gathering and Distribution Systems

    • Gathering systems
    • Pipeline fundamental
    • Onshore, offshore, and subsea manifolds
    • Water injection systems      

    Gathering and distribution systems will be the focus of day two.  Pipeline fundamentals such as outside and inside diameter, thickness, schedule, material, and pipe property tables will be covered based on the hydraulic calculations presented in day one.  Onshore, offshore, and subsea manifolds types, components and selection will be discussed.  Participants will also work on water injection systems, and gathering and distribution system examples.  

    Day 3

    Gathering and Distribution Systems Design Criteria 

    • Design practices
    • Backpressure, pressure drop, and erosion velocities criteria
    • Erosion velocities calculations

    Day three will focus on design criteria for gathering and distribution systems.  Specific topics that will be covered on this day will include design practices, backpressure, pressure drop, erosion velocities, and manifold location studies.  Attendees will participate in exercises over erosion velocities calculation, oil and gas network designs, and manifold location.

    Day 4

    Network Simulation and Building Pipesim Models 

    • Network simulation
    • Use of Pipesim to building network models
    • Pipeline and gathering workshop simulation

    On day four, participants will learn about network simulation.  The day will continue with a discussion of using Pipesim to  build network models.  Participants will learn about object definition, fluid data, flow correlation, flowline details, and boundary conditions.  Several simulations will take place on this day, to include a crude-gas pipeline simulation, oil and gas network system simulation.

    Day 5

    Using Pipesim to Simulate Gathering Network

    • Pipesim 
    • Simulation of gathering networks
    • Company cases

    The last day of this course will cover the use of pipesim to simulate gathering network exercises.  These exercises will have a special focus on company cases.                 

    Surface facility design engineers, surface facility operations engineers, production managers, and field production operations managers.

    Participants should have an awareness of surface facilities production system.

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