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    Geophysical Data Acquisition and Processing

    Geophysics provides technology with which we can "look" into the subsurface. It is a key enabler of many activities in the search for hydrocarbons, minerals, and fresh water. It is also extensively used in the domain of monitoring pollution and rejuvenation of polluted sites. The course provides the fundamentals of seismic refraction & reflection methods, the use of gravity, magnetic, electrical, and electromagnetic methods. Modern geophysical acquisition and processing techniques will be taught not only based on a textbook, presentations and videos but above all by applying the theory in mainly Excel based exercises.


    The course is a basic one, covering a wide range of geophysical techniques. It is aimed at geophysicists, geologists, civil engineers with some experience in the industry or if coming from university with basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, geology and geophysics.

    · Gravity surveying

    · Magnetics surveying

    · Electrical surveying

    · Electro-Magnetic surveying, including Ground Penetrating Radar

    · Acquisition of shallow refraction seismic data

    · Acquisition of reflection seismic data

    · When to use 2D, 3D and 4D seismic, electrical and electromagnetic methods

    · Basic principles of wave propagation

    · Processing of seismic and GPR data: Objectives

    · How to improve signal-to-noise ratio, vertical and lateral resolution

    · From simple migration to Imaging

    · Result in depth (Time-to-Depth conversion)

    · What to spend on a new survey (Value of Information)

    A willingness to understand the role geophysical methods can have in understanding the effects of oil and gas productions, geothermal energy, mitigation and monitoring of subsurface pollution. The basics of geophysics are assumed to be known.

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