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    Global Stewardship and Sustainable practices in oil and gas

    An introduction to the concepts of Corporate Social responsibility, stewardship and sustainability in the oil and gas business. The main learning objective is for participants  to have a broad understanding of these concepts and how they are applicable or may impact their companies.  

    Day 1
    1. History of business and sustainable development
    2. Driving forces; changing norms and expectations– external and internal
    3. Stewardship, sustainability and CSR – differences
    4. Change in mindset within Oil and Gas industry
    5. Areas of Stewardship – major areas
    Day 2
    1. CSR value to the company and shareholders
    2. Social License to Operate
    3. Sustainability costs – financial and social
    4. CSR metrics
    5. Sustainability reporting -what, where and targets
    6. CSR as a competitive tool
    Day 3
    1. Localism and Local Content – long term investment
    2. Achieving balance between compliance and strategic opportunities
    3. Government liaison at various corporate levels
    4. Methods to keep in touch with political and social CSR drivers
    Day 4
    1. Upstream Value Chain and respective stewardship and sustainability best practices
    2. Potential strategies and impact on core business activities
    3. Organization stewardship mission statement and goals: short-term and long term
    4. Root causes of unsustainability
    5. Maximizing value from CSR
    6. Choices and decisions in design, implementation and embedding in corporate strategy – Processes, choice of Elements, persons involved, major decision points, budget creation and use
    7. CSR SWOT analysis
    8. CSR Internal communications and engagement
    9. Managing external relations regarding CSR
    10. Identification of major direct stakeholders and managing their expectations - Employees – existing and next generation, shareholders, customers, partners, communities, supply chain, banks and creditors
    11. Societal groups and interactions regarding stewardship choices and social impact - Government – local and national and regulators, NGO’s including various environmental and wildlife protection groups, media, competitors, professional and industry associations
    12. Geopolitical considerations that impact business and CSR choices
    Day 5
    1. Reviewing continuing value from CSR
    2. Financial and social assessment of strategy success
    3. How to change direction without diluting the perception of company’s CSR strategy

    Anyone interested in understanding how and why social and sustainable responsibilities are driving how the oil and gas industry conducts business.  Employees of independent or national oil companies, industry organizations and service companies who are starting to or seeking to work in this area of the business.

    • Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and community engagement
    • The business case for CSR
    • Key drivers of CSR agena at local, national and global levels.
    • CSR strategy and stakeholder perspectives
    • Measurement of Stewardship implementation impact and maintenance
    • Industry reporting of global stewardship

    No prerequisites to the course.

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