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    Gravity and Magnetic preconditioning and anomaly enhancement and modeling with Petrel

    This three-day hands-on course introduces the geoscientist to the functionality of the Petrel Gravity and Magnetic Petrel plug-in. This is primarily a software course where students will use practical exercises to explore the gravity and magnetic domain preconditioning and anomaly enhancement and modeling workflows.

    This course can be delivered remotely.


    Day 1    

    Gravity and Magnetic methodology and software introduction

    o             Gravity and Magnetic data – background concepts      

    At the end of this session, the student will have basic theoretical potential fields concepts and will be able to create gravity and magnetic surveys, import data and display data on a 2D/3D/map.

    Day 2    

    Gravity and Magnetic map tool

    o             Gravity/magnetic maps creation from surfaces

    o             Data QC and spectral analysis

    o             Filtering and anomaly enhancement methods

    o             Regional/local source effect separation

    o             Anomaly enhancement and lineaments

    o             Practice on datasets and case study description     

    At the end of this session, the student will be able to run the gravity and magnetic map tool and perform multiple levels of data analysis.                

    Day 3    

     2.5D gravity/magnetic and 3D gravity forward modeling

    o             Background concepts

    o             2.5D gravity and magnetic model creation and scenario testing

    o             3D density model population and gravity forward

    o             Practice on datasets and case study description

    At the end of this session, the student will be able to build 2.5D models defining the model geometry, populating it with density and susceptibility values to perform a scenario testing on multiple profiles. The student will be also able to create 3D gravity forward models and run related jobs, compute and analyze the synthetic data residuals.                

    Geophysicists with a basic knowledge of Petrel and gravity and magnetics geophysical methods wanting to gain a practical overview of the tools to extract information from data and integrate it with geological knowledge, seismic and well logs.

    o    Gravity and Magnetic data preconditioning and analysis – background concepts

    o    Petrel project set-up and Gravity and Magnetic survey creation

    o    Gravity and magnetic anomaly enhancement and interpretation

    o    2.5D gravity and magnetic forward modeling

    o    3D gravity forward modeling

    A knowledge and understanding of gravity and magnetics theory, gravity, magnetics and well data usage and limits as well as basic geology and rock physics. Familiarity with basic Petrel functionality.

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