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    HAZWOPER Awareness

    • This course provides instruction in Hazardous Waste Operations andEmergency Response.
    • This course covers the HAZWOPER, it is relates to chemical and physical exposures.
    • This course satisfies the requirements for employee training under OSHA 29 CFR1910.120 and 29 CFR 1926.

    •       Introduction

    •       Are you perplexed by HAZWOPER?

    •       What’s the HAZOWPER (Video)  

    •       Hazardous waste and worker protection

    •       Hazardous waste sites

    •       Are you covered by HAZWOPER

    •       TSD Facilities

    •       Clean-up Operations

    •       General Requirements

    •       Emergency Response

    •       HAZWOPER for cleanup

    •       Procedures for handling emergency response

    •        Post-emergency response operations

    Individuals responsible for overseeing safety in industries such as: Oilfield, Construction, Manufacturing and General Industry.

    • Introduction
    • Are you perplexed by HAZWOPER?
    • What’s the HAZOWPER (Video)  
    • Hazardous waste and worker protection
    • Hazardous waste sites
    • Are you covered by HAZWOPER
    • TSD Facilities
    • Clean-up Operations
    • General Requirements
    • Emergency Response
    • HAZWOPER for cleanup
    • Procedures for handling emergency response
    • Post-emergency response operations

    Basic understand of health, safety andenvironment standards.

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