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    Heavy Oil Reservoir Engineering

    In this 2 days introductory course, participants will learn the reservoir engineering aspects of heavy-oil exploitation. They will be introduced to heavy oil, its sampling, phase behavior and flow assurance.  Primary, non-thermal, thermal and newly developed recovery process will also be discussed.

    Day 1

    Introduction to Heavy Oil  and Heavy Oil Sampling, Phase Behavior & Flow Assurance

    • What is heavy oil?
    • Global heavy oil development
    • Economics and drivers
    • Industrial trends and challenges
    • Overview of recovery processes
    • Heavy oil workflow
    • Why do we need heavy oil fluid analysis?
    • Describing heavy oil
      • Thermodynamic models
      • Property Correlations
    • Sampling
      • Challenges in planning a sampling job
      • Options: Sub-surface and surface sampling
    • Phase behavior
    • Flow Assurance
      • Inorganic and organic solids – Asphaltenes
      • Newtonian vs non-Newtonian Behavior
      • Emulsions
    Day 2

    Primary, Non-Thermal, Thermal & Newly Developed Recovery Processes

    • Primary recovery processes
      • Cold production
      • Cold heavy oil production with sands (CHOPS)
    • Non-thermal recovery processes
      • Water flooding
      • Chemical flooding
      • Solvent-based processes
    • Steam-based thermal recovery processes
      • Cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) / huff-and-puff
      • Steam flooding
      • Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)
    • Non steam-based thermal recovery processes
      • Fire flooding / in-situ combustion
    • Newly developed recovery processes
      • Steam-solvent hybrid processes
      • Toe-to-heel air injection (THAI) and THAI with catalyst (CAPRI)
      • Electromagnetic heating (EM) processes

    This introductory course on heavy oil reservoir engineering is designed to help multidisciplinary asset teams including geologist, geophysicist, reservoir, drilling, production, completion and facilities engineers. This course will also benefit all managers and department heads.

    Heavy Oil Importance

    Global Heavy Oil Reserves

    Heavy Oil Sampling

    Phase Behavior

    Flow Assurance

    Primary and Non-Thermal Recovery Processes

    Thermal Recovery Processes

    Newly Developed Recovery Processes

    Science, Engineering or GeoSciences background

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