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    High Gas-Oil Ratio Well Liquid Unloading

    The course is designed to provide a  basic understanding of gas well liquid unloading methods.

    This course covers fundamental topics of artificial lift methods and other methods using foaming agents to reduce the specific gravity of fluids in the wellbore.

    At least one exercise is presented for each Artificial Lift method covered in this course. This will help to enhance the appreciation of the concepts presented and gain further insight of the processes involved in gas well liquid unloading.



    Day 1


    Hydrocarbon Physical Properties

    Two Phase Flow Basics

    Well Inflow Performance

    Two Phase Flow in Tubing

    Nodal Analysis


    Day 2

    Artificial Lift Methods

    Artificial Lift Selection

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Lift Methods

    Sucker Rod Pumps

    • General Description
    • Conventional Application
    • High GOR Well Liquid Unloading Application


    Day 3

    Progressive Cavity Pumps

    • General Description
    • Conventional Application
    • High GOR Well Liquid Unloading Application

    Electric Submersible Pumps

    • General Description
    • Conventional Application


    Day 4

    Electric Submersible Pumps (cont.)

    • Non Standard Applications

    Gas Lift

    • General Description
    • Conventional Application


    Day 5

    Gas Lift (cont.)

    • Gas Well Liquid Unloading Application: Intermittent Gas Lift, Plunger Lift, Velocity Strings, Injection of Surfactants (Foaming Agents).


    Gas Engineering Support Staff, Petroleum Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Geologists, Geophysicists, Service Company Specialist Engineers, Project Support Staff (QHSE, Materials, Logistics, Purchasing and Finance), Gas Contractor Staff, Sales Engineers, Business Development Managers, Field Service Managers and R&D Specialists.

    Participants should be familiar with basic Production Engineering, have some field experience in Production and basic knowledge of artificial lift systems. Basic understanding of well completions and operations.

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