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    Holistic Approach for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Training program

    This course  provides the foundation and and critical concepts of the Carbon Capture an Sequestration Technology  through all the value chain. ( Section in Progress)

    • Introduction to the CCS Process and its different workflows.
    • Reservoir Engineering/ Geophysical & Geomechanics for CCS.
    • Digitalization for CCS.

    Well Construction for CCS/ Well integrity to Ensure safe and successful Injection Operations.

    • Well Completions for CCS wells.
    • Economics for CCS Projects ( OPEX, CAPEX, etc.).

    • CO2 Processing and Injection.
    • CO2 Transportation for CCS.

    • Downhole Monitoring and surveillance for CCS.
    • Well Interventions and Time Laps Monitoring for CCS Wells.

    The course has been designed for O&G and Energy Professionals who are interested in CCS technology and how it contributes to the decarbonization of the O&G industry and some other intensive Carbon emissions industries i.e. cement, steel, etc. 

    This course covers the following aspects:

    • Workflows for CCS
    • Reservoir Engineering/ Geophysical  & Geomechanics for CCS
    • Digitalization for CCS
    • Well Construction for CCS
    • Well Integrity for CCS
    • Well Completions for CCS
    • Economics for CCS ( OPEX, CAPEX, etc.)
    • CO2 Processing & Injection for CCS
    • CO2 Transportation for CCS 
    • Down hole monitoring & Surveillance for CCS
    • Well Interventions and Time Laps Monitoring for CCS


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