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    Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS)

    Since the launch of the Horizontal Surface Pumping System (HPS) in the mid-1980s, the design has been a cost-effective alternative to split case, vertical turbine, and positive displacement (PD) pump designs in many applications. Thousands of units are operating around the world in applications as diverse as waterflooding, brine disposal, crude boosting, liquid propane transfer, and pumping pressurized hydraulic power fluid for subsurface jet and piston pumps.

    This course is designed to provide a solid grasp of the HPS systems and its applications. It covers detailed description of its components in a 3-day theoretical session, emphasizing on their specific functions as well as some of the HPS critical aspects, such as Mechanical Seals & Flush Plans, Thrust Chamber components description and recommended routine surveillance and maintenance, NPSH and other important design considerations. An overview of the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and some of the options for Controllers currently available in the market is also included as part of the course.

    The second portion of the course is composed by a 2-day practical session in a workshop and/or field site; some HPS Field Service related Best Practice & Lessons Learned are presented prior the execution of the activities. During the practical session, the participants will be able to perform various activities such as HPS components identification, motor shaft alignment, thrust chamber removal/installation and HPS Start up.

    Day 1
    • Course Pre-test
    • Introduction:
      • Overview of HPS technology and Application
      • HPS Components – Description and Functionality
    Day 2
    • HPS Critical Considerations:
      • Mechanical Seals & Flush Plans - Description and Application
      • HPS NPSH and other Design Considerations
    Day 3
    • Variable Speed Drive (VSD):
      • Overview of VSD technology and VSD types
      • VSD Controllers – Types, Description and Functionality
    Day 4
    • HPS Operational Overview:
      • HPS Field Service Best Practice & Lessons Learned
      • Thrust Chamber (TC): Components description and recommended routine surveillance and maintenance
      • Practical session:
        • HPS components identification
        • Motor alignment
        • TC system removal/installation
        • HPS Start up
    Day 5
    • Practical session (Continuation):
      • HPS components identification,
      • Motor alignment,
      • TC system removal/installation,
      • HPS Start up
    • Course Post Test

    Production Engineers and Operators

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