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    Horizontal Well Technology (Remote Instructor Led Series)

    This multidisciplinary Remote Instructor Led Series (RILS) course covers all aspects of Horizontal Well Technology from Drilling to Production and discusses horizontal drilling and considerations, horizontal well productivity, stimulation practices in horizontal wells, horizontal well applications and horizontal well test analysis.

    • Drilling Team, Drilling Rigs types andsubsystems.

    • Preliminary well preparation and AFE

    • Overview of Casing and cementing

    • Overview of drilling fluids

    • Directional wells – applications andlimitations

    • Coordinate systems and surveying

    • Directional BHAs

    • Horizontal drilling and considerations

    • HorizontalWell Performance

      • Horizontal Wells Productivity

      • Effective Wellbore Radius

      • Shape factor in horizontal wells

      • FormationDamage and Mitigation

        • Types of formation damage in horizontal drains

        • Acidizing of horizontal drains

        • Fluids placement

        • BestPractices in Acidizing horizontal drains

      • FracturingHorizontal Wells

        • Fracturing horizontal drains

        • Fracture conductivity

        • Productivity of fractured horizontal wells

        • Best practices for Fracturing in horizontal drains (zone isolation)

        • Fracturing unconventional horizontal drains

      • MultilateralsDrilling and Completion

        • Well Profile

        • TAML junctions’ definitions

        • Multilateralscompletions

      • Horizontal Well Applications

      • Horizontal Well Pressure TransientAnalysis

      • Economics of Horizontal Wells

      Engineering and Geo-science Degree

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