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    HSSE & SP Risk Management


    • This course is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and tools to understand the basics and principles of HSSE & SP risk management, risk management process in the oil and gas industry, including the risk assessment process, barrier thinking, management of MAHs, management of the rest of the hazards, ALARP demonstration, and the implementation of the whole process effectively. 
    By the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:
    • Apply the knowledge of the risk management process at the workplace
    • Prepare for the next skill level through business-lead monitoring programs
    • Explain Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) hazards, effects, consequences, and threats, and how to identify them
    • Explain how to document the effects of hazards on People, Assets, Environment, and Reputation (PAER) in the Risk Register
    • Explain how to assess the risk of identified hazards for worst-case credible scenarios
    • Explain the process to document the assessment of risk in the Risk Register
    • Explain the relationship between threats and barriers 
    • Explain the relationship between consequences and barriers 
    • Explain what Control and Recovery Measures (barriers) are 
    • Explain why barriers must be effective 
    • Detail the barrier effectiveness hierarchy
    • Understand the definition of ALARP 
    • Describe the process of demonstrating ALARP 
    • Define ALARP based on business and project requirements 
    • Explain ALARP demonstration for Yellow (other than RAM5) and Blue Risks 
    • Explain ALARP demonstration for Red and RAM5 Yellow Risks 
    • Give examples of supporting studies that may be required 
    • Identify the required documentation for the ALARP demonstration

    Session 1 - Course Introduction 

    • Introduction
    • Definition of the HSSE & SP risk management process  
    • Definitions of hazards, threats, consequences, and control
    • Definitions of top events and threat to consequence lines 
    • Identification of hazards and application of the risk assessment process 
    • Management of blue and yellow RAM risks
    • Discussions and exercises
    Session 2 – The Risk Assessment Process  
    • Definition of risk identification 
    • Definition of risk 
    • The Risk Assessment Matrix (and its application)
    • Assessment of risk (three-step process, estimating severities, estimating likelihoods, determining risk rankings)
    • Development of the risk register
    • Hints and tips for using the RAM
    • Discussions and exercises 
    Session 3 – Case Study 

    Session 3 – Barrier Thinking 

    • Introducing barriers 
    • Threats and barriers
    • Barrier hierarchy
    • Active and Passive barriers
    • Definition of Controls
    • Definition of Recovery measures
    • Barriers effectiveness
    Session 4 – Case Study

    Session 5 - ALARP Demonstration

    • Risk Management objective
    • RAM and ALARP relationship
    • ALARP definition and intent
    • The ALARP Concept
    • Residual risk, tolerability, and ALARP
    • Hierarchy for ALARP demonstration
    • ALARP decision support framework
    • ALARP mindset
    • The ALARP 3D process
    • Documenting ALARP demonstration
    • ALARP lifecycle
    Session 6 – Course Final Exam

    • HSE Staff with previous experience in the Health and Safety Management System

    • Health, Safety, environment, social performance risks and opportunities identification process and its importance 
    • The implementation of the HSSE & SP risk management process in the organization  
    • The risk assessment process
    • Barrier thinking  
    • ALARP Demonstration  
    • Real-life examples and exercises  

    • Experience in HSE

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