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    Human Error Management (Behavior Based Safety)

    Course Description
    • Many successful companies have change initiatives start small. With key people bringing proven change management practices to the organization through rigorous training.
    • Whatever programs you choose, you're building your skillset while helping your organization adapt to new changes, improve company culture, and achieve better project results.
    • Error management is about managing the manageable: Situations and even systems are manageable if we are mindful.  There are many different types of human factors problem occur at different levels of the organization and require different management techniques.
    • We make mistakes, and what can be done to minimize future errors. This program will prepare attendees to effectively analyze errors based on a better understanding of why the errors were made and be able to implement effective prevention methods to significantly reduce future mistakes. 
    By the end of the program participants will be able to:
    • Ensure your staff understand the importance of human performance and human factors issues
    • Understand human error within the context of significant rail safety incident investigations.
    • Ensure your staff take personal responsibility for organizational safety
    • Enhance your staff’s contribution to your Error Management program
    • Reduce costs, rework and wastage through the generation of ideas to improve efficiency by the people who actually do the job
    • Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
    • Understand the evolution of human factors, its current scope and how it may contribute to addressing future safety challenges
    • Incorporate practical proactive error management strategies
    • Address human performance limitations that impact effective decision making and increase the probability of error occurrence
    • Identify social and group influences that shape human performance

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