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    Hydraulic Fracture Treatment Design and Quality Control - RILS

    This 5-day Remote Instructor Led Series (RILS) course discusses, at skilled level, the hydraulic fracturing process, detailing Design Methodology, Execution & Quality Control and Evaluation. Acid Fracturing is also discussed; upon completion of the course, Participants will be able to integrate multi-disciplinary teams to select well candidates for fracturing, establish fracturing objectives and discuss with Service Companies the full Design-Execution-Evaluation process.

    The course includes numerous exercises to help the understanding of concepts and their practical application.

    • Introduction
    • Initial Quiz
    • Overview of Fracturing Treatments
    • Selection of candidates
    • Geomechanics 
    • Fracturing Treatment Objectives

    The first day of the course is dedicated to the selection of wells candidates to hydraulic fracturing completions, their objectives and the conversion of sonic log data to elastic parameters through exercises to promote a good understanding of the concepts. A Quiz will help the instructor to adapt his approach to the type and level of the Audience.

    • Micro-frac & Step-Rate Testing
    • Hydraulic Fracturing Models
    • Near Wellbore Geometry
    • Fracturing FLuids

    During the second day, Participants will learn how to properly determine fracturing gradients in field tests using exercises, designing and interpretating micro-fracturing tests and step-rate-tests; selecting the adequate fracturing models; and, selecting the type of fracturing fluids appropriate to hydraulic fractures.

    • Fracturing Fluids Leak-off
    • Proppants
    • Fracture Treatment Design

    The third day discusses Fracturing Design: how fluids leak-off influence the geometry of the fractures and how to select the right proppants. Participants will exercises in fracturing fluids rheology.

    • Log Data
    • Minifrac
    • Production Prediction
    • Refracturing
    • Tip Screen Out

    This day is dedicated to the design and interpretation of the calibration treatment (mini-frac); the design of re-fraturing operations; the prediction of production of fractured wells, using exercises; and the design of hydraulic fractures in high permeable formations (tip-screen-out operations).

    • Acid Fracturing
    • Perforating Requirements
    • Fracture Mapping
    • Fracturing Evaluation
    • Supervision and Quality Control
    • Final Quiz

    The last day of the course is dedicated to recommendations for fracturing operations in carbonates (acid fracturing) and for perforating wells to be fractured; a description (with real examples) of micro-seismics; how to evaluate fracturing operations; and how to supervise and control the quality of fracturing treatments.

    At the end of the day, Participants and Instructor discuss in a round table possible improvements to the course, and perform a Final Quiz to evaluate progress.

    Completions and Well Intervention Engineers, Production Engineers, Geoscientists, and people responsible for the design and execution of hydraulic fracture treatments.

    Engineering, technology or other related science degree and previous fracturing exposure to operations and design. Experience in other stimulation techniques is also valuable for the full understanding of the modules.

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