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    Hydrogen (H2) Safety

    Course Summary

    • Hydrogen (H2) is one of the most important sources of clean energy. In a move towards a more sustainable future, the number of Hydrogen production and distribution facilities is expanding. With decades of experience in the process industry, we are one of the top players on the market – in assessing risks and providing comprehensive consultancy and Hydrogen safety solutions. We offer the first point of contact for Hydrogen safety issues with thorough knowledge of the hazards of working with Hydrogen.
    • This course gives you an overview of Hydrogen's main technical and safety considerations associated with production, storage, handling, and utilization. It also covers the topics of hydrogen interaction with different types of materials and hydrogen permeation.
    • This course is mainly focused on hydrogen general Awareness and safety. 
    • By the end of this course, participants will gain knowledge in the following areas associated with Hydrogen:
    • Hydrogen Industry overview, main hydrogen utilization, and Hydrogen typical Hazards.
    • This course will familiarize the participants with the different risks Management associated with the Hydrogen industry.
    • Distinguish between various storage options of hydrogen: compressed gas, liquefied, and storage.
    • Understand how Hydrogen is stored and appreciate the challenges associated with different. 
    • types of storage.
    • Explain the causes, which may lead to a catastrophic failure of high-pressure hydrogen. 
    • Understand the main safety and technical issues associated with compressed hydrogen storage.
    • Identify the Hazards and Risks associated with Hydrogen Projects.
    • Understand the Hydrogen Safety prevention and mitigation.
    • Understand the Environmental risks of Hydrogen.

    • Pretest
    • Introduction
      • The Role of Hydrogen in the Energy Transition
      • Current and Future Hydrogen Projects
      • Advantages & Disadvantages of hydrogen energy
    • History
    • All about Hydrogen – Video
    • Group Exercise - Hydrogen Characteristics 
    • The Hydrogen vs Other Sources of Energy
    • Hydrogen Properties & Main Characteristics
    • Physical and Chemical Properties
    • Thermal Properties 
    • Main uses and applications of Hydrogen
    • Hydrogen (H2) Safety
    • Public Health and Environment
    • Hydrogen Storage options
    • Hydrogen Hazards & Risk Identification
      • Hydrogen Production
      • Hydrogen Transportation
      • Hydrogen Storage 
    • Hydrogen Fire and Explosion
    • Hydrogen Fire Safety Video
    • Group Exercise
    • Minimum energy that can ignite vapors.
    • Propagation of Hydrogen in closed and ventilated spaces 
    • Incidents result in explosions 
    • Safety Measures to prevent Hydrogen incidents.
    • Class Summary and final questions and Discussions
    • Posttest

    • All Oil & Gas Operators
    • HSE Specialist
    • Safety practitioners.
    • New Energy operators
    • New Energy technicians
    • Individuals are involved in Hydrogen projects.

    • Hydrogen as a source of clean energy
    • Different sources of Hydrogen 
    • Hydrogen, Properties Main Characteristics 
    • Hydrogen Uses, Risk,s and Precautions 
    • Hazards and Risks associated with Hydrogen. 
    • Hydrogen Safety
    • Environmental risks of Hydrogen
    • Risk mitigation for Hydrogen
    • Flammability Hydrogen 
    • Safety Measures to Prevent Hydrogen Incidents
    • Class Exercises and Discussions

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