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    IADC WellSharp Driller OR Supervisor Level

    IADC WellSharp well control training supplemented with the use of a well control simulator. This program is for the Driller or the Supervisor level according to the standards of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC). The course covers subsea as well as surface blowout preventer installations and equipment. The objectives of the course are:

    • Teach the principles and procedures used in well control operations with a surface or subsea BOP stack as described in the IADC Well Sharp Syllabus.
    • Use the equipment for well control operations with surface or subsea BOP stack as described in the IADC Well Sharp Syllabus.
    • Lear that a well control situation can be mastered by use of simulator according to IADC standards.
    • Prepare the candidate for exams which will qualify for certification 
    • Note that this course may be offered either at the Driller level (Level 3) or the Supervisor level (Level 4)
    Day 1
    • Well barriers & standards for barriers
    • Well barrier elements and acceptance criteria
    • Responsibilities for well control& well integrity
    • Pressure calculations
    • Well control definitions & concepts
    • API Recommended Practices and API Specifications
    • U-tube analogy for well pressure calculations
    • Well control Equipment (BOP, Diverter, Flanges, Rings, Rams, etc…)
    • Kick tolerance
    • Kick causes, prevention & detection
    • Warning signs
    • Shallow gas
    • Well control preparation
    • Well shut-in procedures & first actions.

    Practical - simulator overview and demonstration of well control load cases

    Day 2
    • Hydrostatic pressure and barriers
    • Gas behavior in WBM
    • Tripping procedures for well control point of view
    • Killing methods
    • Conventional well control procedures
    • Unconventional well control procedures
    • Well control complications
    • Compensating for choke line friction (for Subsea candidates)
    • Riser Margin (for subsea candidates)
    • Workshop - Driller's Method
    • Gas behaviors in OBM
    • Well control considerations between vertical and deviated wells

    Practical - Full scenario (kick detection, shut-in, circulate out kick) simulation

    Day 3
    • Control equipment specifications
    • Well control equipment selection
    • Confirm shutting well in
    • Well control while tripping
    • Stripping operations
    • Killing procedures for deviated wells
    • Well control equipment installation and testing

    Practical - Full scenario (kick detection, shut-in, circulate out kick) simulations with unexpected events included

    Day 4
    • Killing procedure over view
    • Case studies
    • Complications in well control
    • The need to shut the well faster
    • Practical assessment test with simulator.
    • When not involved with the practical assessments, participants will be completing quiz tests.
    • Self-Study (using question bank) to prepare for written examinations

    Course review and open discussion

    Day 5
    • Group study - to facilitate questions/queries and discussions prior to written examination

    Assessment – IADC Well sharp online Exam 

    Note: Successful exam scores (70% - 100%) will qualify candidate for IADC WellSharp certificate.  Scores of 50% - 69% will allow candidate to retake the exam and scores less than 50% will be considered fail and the candidate will have to repeat the training and exams. 

    Driller level (Level 3) is intended for those persons working as Driller, Assistant Driller or other persons needing to learn about well control. 

    Supervisor level (Level 4) is intended for those persons either normally working at the rig or in the office who are responsible for the supervision of well control activities. Participants in the Supervisor level training must have previously completed the Driller level training.

    • Well Barriers
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Well Control Definitions & Concepts
    • API Recommended Practices and API Specifications
    • Compensating for Choke Line Friction
    • Riser Margin (for Sub Sea Stack only)
    • Kick Tolerance
    • Kick Causes
    • Shallow Gas
    • Well Control Preparation
    • Well Shut-in Procedures
    • Gas Behaviors
    • Well Control Procedures
    • Vertical vs Deviated Well Control
    • Well Control Equipment

    Introductory well control knowledge, basic math and understanding of the processes on a drilling rig. Candidates in the Supervisor level training must have evidence they have completed the Driller level training.

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