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    Information Management and Data Governance in E&P Industry

    This course introduces the principles of Information Management applied to the Petroleum Industry. Using class lectures and practical activities, participants will gain the opportunity to realize the business value of data management and its impact through the Oilfield Life cycle.

    The course covers foundation concepts such as standard data types, data life cycle, quality, security, and provides an understanding of information management in different contexts such as the corporate, project and operational environments, their organization and associated data management processes.

    Participants will also gain the opportunity to learn about data governance principles and its application in the Exploration and Production business.

    Day 1

    Module 1 – Principles

    • Lesson 1 – Business Value
    • Lesson 2 – Data
    • Lesson 3 – Information
    • Lesson 4 – Knowledge
    • Lesson 5 – Wisdom

    Module 2 – Data

    • Lesson 6 – Oilfield Life Cycle
    • Lesson 7 – Data Types and Categories
    • Lesson 8 – Structured and Unstructured
    Day 2

    Module 2 – Data (continued)           

    • Lesson 9 – Data Life Cycle
    • Lesson 10 – Quality
    • Lesson 11 – Security

    Module 3 – Information

    • Lesson 12 – Project Vs. Corporate Vs. Operational
    • Lesson 13 – Context and Organization
    • Lesson 14 – Process

    Module 4 – Governance

    • Lesson 15 – Organization and Definitions
    • Lesson 16 – Policies and Procedures
    • Lesson 17 – Standards
    Day 3

    Module 4 – Governance (continued)

    • Lesson 18 – Methodologies
    • Lesson 19 – Ownership
    • Lesson 20 – Risks and Mitigations
    • Lesson 21 – Decisions
    • Lesson 22 – Legal Obligations

    Module 5 - Operations        

    • Lesson 23 – Architecture
    • Lesson 23 – Development
    • Lesson 23 – Infrastructure
    • Lesson 23 – Service Management

    Professionals that participate in Petroleum Data Management related functions, those with domain experience, technical data management from other industries (aerospace, defense, medical, finance), and corporate executives with budgeting responsibilities in E&P data handling

    This course covers the following topics:

    • General principles and concepts of Information Management
    • The value of data to enterprise and its impacts on business
    • Data types used in the Oil & Gas Industry and their relevance to business life cycles
    • An overview of data repository types
    • An overview of effective Information Management processes and their elements
    • The role of governance and its impact on good Information Management practice within the Petroleum Industry
    • Roles and responsibilities within the Information Management structure that achieve business strategies and objectives
    • The importance of standards, policies, and procedures
    • Specific legal obligations that affect Petroleum exploration and production activities.

    General understanding of the Petroleum Exploration and Production business and/or awareness of technical data handling

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