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    Integral Well Productivity - Remote Instructor Led Series

    This 5-day course, with 3-hour remote delivery per day, is part of Remote Instructor Led Series being a comprehensive discussion of the sub-surface production system, enabling detailed analysis and diagnosis of production impeachments and their corrective mitigation, and taking into account the integrality of the production system: from the reservoir offer and limitations to the wellbore restrictions and the production completions.
    This course discusses methods to analyse reservoir behaviour and optimise production based on decline curve analysis and Nodal analysis. Also, the course discusses the performance of fracturing completions and acid stimulations.
    Practical exercises illustrate each module and enable full comprehension of the methods explained.

    • Introduction to the course
    • 1st Day Quiz
    • Reservoir Fluids
    • Inflow Performance of Oil & Gas Wells
    • Vertical Flow and Nodal Analysis

    • Well Testing
    • Skin and Formation Damage
    • Fundamental of Acid Stimulation
    • Organic e Inorganic Scales

    • Matrix Stimulation or Perforation
    • Frac Growth Analysis
    • Minifrac Testing
    • Perforation Requirements

    • Fracture Production Prediction
    • Post-frac Evaluation
    • Acid Fracturing
    • Productivity of Horizontal Wells

    • Fracturing Horizontal Wells
    • Flow through Restrictions
    • Last Day Quiz

    Reservoir and Production Engineers, experienced in Well Intervention, Reservoir Studies and Production Operations.

    Knowledge of basic concepts of Reservoir Engineering, Petrophysics and Production Engineering and experience dealing and solving field problems related to well productivity. Minimum of 3 years experienced working on Well Intervention, Reservoir Studies and Production Optimization.

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