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    Integrated Field Management workflows - Reservoir Coupling

    Integrated asset models are created by connecting together existing subsurface and surface simulation models. This can deliver numerous benefits such as better understanding and representation of production system constraints enabling better field planning, production forecasting and full field optimization.

    SLB technologies offer a modern method of connecting and controlling subsurface and surface models using INTERSECT Field Management (IXFM). IXFM offers unique capabilities to couple multiple INTERSECT reservoir models and multiple surface network models. All the coupled models can be controlled and actioned by Field Management (FM) thus allowing all the capabilities and benefits of FM to be applied to the Integrated Model. 

    The workflow presented in this course is focused on reservoir coupling. INTERSECT can couple multiple reservoir simulations to enable balancing control, resource management, and reporting across several isolated reservoirs. Most of the existing Field Management capabilities are available even when coupling to more than one reservoir simulation.

    Overview of Reservoir Coupling

    • Introduction to reservoir coupling
    • Reservoir coupling file structure
    • Concept of Local FM and Master FM
    • How to set up a reservoir coupling case
    • How to run a reservoir coupling case
    • Exercise: Run stand-alone (local) and coupled cases

    Reservoir Coupling Tasks & Solutions

    • How to define entities
    • Cross reservoir balancing
    • How to modify a Local FM from the Master FM
    • Fluid handling between the Local FM and the Master FM
    • Coupling frequency and order of execution
    • Reporting in the Master FM
    • Exercise: Run a reservoir coupling simulation with master group control and reinjection
    Compositional Delumping
    • Component lumping
    • Delumping requirements
    • CompositionalDelumping node
    • Exercise: Couple compositional models (with different components) with fluid delumping and gas reinjection from the Master FM

    Reservoir Coupling with Surface Network

    • Extension of the multiple reservoir coupling to a surface network
    • Exercise: Couple an ENS network to the Master FM

    Experienced reservoir engineers, involved in the integrated field management workflows.

    • Overview of Reservoir Coupling
    • Reservoir Coupling Tasks & Solutions
    • Compositional Delumping
    • Reservoir Coupling with Surface Network

    Familiarity with reservoir simulation workflows, proficiency with INTERSECT Reservoir Simulator

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