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    Integrated Health, Safety, Environment & Quality management systems (HSEQms)

    Course Objective

    • This program is to provide the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and benefits of integrating HSEQ management systems into a single IMS, and the practices and principles necessary to achieve this integration effectively.
    • This program will provide practical guidance on how to implement, maintain, and continually improve an integrated management system.
    • Classroom - Listening and contributing to discussions and exercises (group Discussions and workshops with scenarios and exercises)
    Awarding Body
    • IIRSM -UK
    Pass Requirements
    • Written exam with 60% 

    • Introduction of integrated HSEQ management system 
    • The benefit of ISO IMS.
    • Annex SL structure and application with the IMS
    • integrated HSEQ management system terms and definitions 
    • Exercise No. 1
    • integrated HSEQ management system risk-based approach.
    • Exercise No. 2

    • The leadership of integrated HSEQ management system
    • Reflection of documented information for integrated HSEQ management system
    • Effects of Clause No 8 of ISO 9001:14001 & 45001 within integrated HSEQ management system
    • Scenario No. 1
    • Group discussion and workshop 

    • Performance evaluation techniques of integrated HSEQ management system
    • Exercise No 3. 
    • Internal audit and management review of integrated HSEQ management system
    • Scenario No. 2
    • Best practice of integrated HSEQ management system continual improvement
    • Exercise No. 4
    • Common problems with integrated HSEQ management system. 

    • Management at the highest level.
    • QHSE managers, supervisors, and officers.
    • Consultant and expert in management systems.
    • Any other person who is interested in IMS.

    • Explain the need for an integrated management system.
    • Using ANNEX SL. as an integration approach.
    • Explain the content of ANNEX SL. 
    • Explain the principles and practices of risk management in an IMS, including identifying, assessing, and managing risks and opportunities.
    • planning and implementing an IMS, including identifying stakeholders, setting objectives and targets, developing documentation, and implementing processes and procedures.
    • Explain the requirements for documenting and controlling documents and records in an IMS. It also covers the benefits of effective documentation and records management.
    • Explain principles and practices of performance evaluation, identification of improvement opportunities, and communication with stakeholders.

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