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    Integrated Project Reviews including Non-Technical Considerations

    The course will discuss the lifecycle of projects, the decision gate processes and the related project governance.

    It will look at Integrated Project Reviews from all perspectives.  It will demonstrate how to prepare for reviews and how to conduct them.  It will look at the various non-technical aspects that impact projects most and what kind of issues can result.

    Day 1

    Introduction and how to control projects

    • Projects that did not deliver
    • Decision Gates
    • Project Governance

    The objective of the day is to get to know each, let participants exchange experiences on projects that did not deliver as per FID promise. The role and mechanics of Decision Gates in projects is discussed. Related to this subject is project governance. It is discussed how project governance can work in smaller and larger companies and pitfalls.

    Day 2

    Non-Technical elements in projects and Decision Gate Reviews

    • Non Technical project elements
    • Decision Gate Reviews Introduction
    • The role of project teams in DGRs

    Participants will better recognize what non-technical elements impact projects – both delivery and value. The subject of Decision Gate Reviews and other Integrated Project Reviews will be introduced and illustrated with examples. The role of the Project Team in the Reviews will be highlighted.               

    Day 3

    Decision Gate Review Preparation and Non-Technical issues

    • The perspective and role of Decision Makers in Reviews
    • The preparation for Reviews
    • Non-Technical issues in Projects

    Participants will understand what the role of Decision Makers in reviews is. As with many things, the preparation for reviews is key to their success. Students will appreciate what needs to be done and when to make a review generate or improve project value.

    Attention will be given to the Diversity of Non-Technical issues and how to manage them if possible            

    Day 4

     The execution of reviews and summarizing the course

    • Executing Reviews
    • End of the course and feedback

    Students will learn what is necessary for executing reviews successful and what the risks and pitfalls are. It will be spiced with real life examples. After lunch the experiences will be shared and the course evaluated.

    Those involved in projects as project team members or managers, in a governance capacity or as reviewer.

    Five to ten years experience with project preparation, execution or management

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