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Integrated Reservoir Management

This RILS (Remote Instructor Led series) course will cover the basic techniques used in modern reservoir management by asset management teams.  Data acquisition, analysis, and modeling will be covered.  The reservoir model, production operations, and reservoir management economics will also be discussed.  Participants will take part in case studies that include new field, mature fields, waterfloods, and enhanced recovery projects.  Integrated management examples for new and mature fields and for a waterflooding will be discussed in a workshop environment.

Module 1: Reservoir Management Concepts

Module 2: Reservoir Management Process

Module 3: Management Environment

Module 4: Integrated Reservoir Model

Module 5: Reservoir Characterization

Module 6: Petrophysical Analysis

Module 7: Depositional Environments and Systems

Module 8: Pore System Model

Module 9: Statistical Analysis of Production and Pressure Data

Module 10: Static Model (Part 1)

Module 11: Static Model (Part 2)

Module 12: Reservoir Performance Analysis

Module 13: Dynamic Model - Initialization

Module 14: Dynamic Model - Building

Module 15: Dynamic Model - Calibrating

Module 16: Predicting Performance

Module 17: Economic Evaluation Model

Module 18: Investment Decisions and Project selection

Module 19: Applications

Engineers, geoscientists, operating personnel, and asset team members.

Experience in oil and gas field operations

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