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    Integrated Training Program for Coalbed Methane V11.20

    This is a specialized course that covers a wide array of topics associated with coalbed methane reservoirs from petrophysics, geology, geophysics, geomechanics, fracture stimulation, reservoir engineering, production engineering, drilling  and development strategies. This course can be delivered as either an open, closed or remote delivery course.  It can be customized to fit the purpose for clients.  Any subsurface team member that is working on coalbed methane should attend this course.

    Petrophysics, Geology, Geomechanics and Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation


    Ÿ Logs for Coal Evaluation

    Ÿ Petrophysics Answer Products

    Ÿ Case Studies



    Ÿ CSG geological overview foreast coast basins in Australia

    Ÿ Wireline and D&M imagelogging technologies and activity for CSG (high resolution image logs)

    Ÿ Challenges and data qualityconcerns on image logging in CSG (highly resistive CSG zones)

    Ÿ Common geologicalinterpretation products for CSG companies in Australia. (coal cleats vs Inducedand natural fractures identification, and in-situ stress analysis)

    Ÿ CSG static modeling(structural modeling and data analysis in Petrel)    



    Ÿ Fundamentals of constructing 1Dimensional Mechanical Earth Model (1D MEM)

    Ÿ Mech Prop,Strength and stresses and constructing 1D MEM in coals

    Ÿ Case studies


    Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation

    Ÿ Principles and HF in coals

    Ÿ Case studies

    Reservoir and Production Engineering

    WirelineFormation testing

    Ÿ Formation Testing in Coals

    Ÿ MDT Stress Testing in Coalsand case studies


    3D DynamicSimulator for CSG

    Ÿ Brief intro to Simulation

    Ÿ Introduction to CSGsimulation

    Ÿ CSG model initialization

    Ÿ CSG model History Matching

    Ÿ CSG model predictions

    Ÿ Case study and summary

    Ÿ Groundwater studies areusually needed and environmental approval


     Production Engineering

    Ÿ Why artificial lift

    Ÿ Types of artificial lift(ESP, PCP) and their usage in CSG

    Ÿ Opening the well for production(various considerations and techniques)

    Geophysics and Well Placement

    Geophysics (Microseismic, Fiber optic monitoring)

    Ÿ Hydraulic Fracture Monitoringusing conventional and fiber-optic tools

    Ÿ Crosswell Seismic applicationsfor coal seam gas


    Well Placement for CSG Wells

    Ÿ Well-placementin horizontal CSG wells using various techniques

    Ÿ CaseStudies


    Drilling, Well and Completion Design and Development Studies

    Drilling and Well and completion design & Development

    Ÿ Well and completion design forCSG

    Ÿ Other development aspects:Water treatment, Well Pads, Surface facilities, appraisal and dev strategy


    CSG Asset Development

    Ÿ CSG Development Strategy, OperatingPhilosophy, Safety and Law consideration


    General Overview and Special Topics

    This section will provide ageneral overview covering the summary of Day-1 to Day-4

    (Petrophysics, Geology, Geomechanics, HydraulicFracturing, Reservoir Engineering (Wireline formation testing, stress testing,3D Geocellular modeling, ground water hydro-dynamics), geophysics(micro-seismic and fiber-optic monitoring, cross-well seismic), Well placementfor CSG, Drilling and

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