• Class and Course

    Intermediate Well Services

    This course teaches the participants the well services operations and used equipment (Intermediate level), also correct and safety procedure to conduct the required operations.
    By the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

    • Understand productivity Index and Well performance Relationship (IPR)

    • Understand pressure calculations

    • Gain good knowledge about the types of well completions

    • Have good background about Coil tube operations and equipment

    • Understand uses of wireline and safety procedure to conduct the jobs

    • Have a good knowledge about slick line tools and there uses

    • 1st day quiz

    • Reservoir pressure and Well productivity

    o Introduction
    o Fluid pressure
    o Hydrostatic pressure.
    o Wellhead pressure
    o Circulating pressure
    o Formation pressure
    o Fracture pressure
    o Inflow performance Relationship (IPR). o Out flow performance

    • Well
    o Introduction


    o Completions procedures o Completion equipments o Landing Nipple
    o Subsurface safety valve o Packer

    o Blast joint
    o Flow coupling
    o Practical examples for well completion

    • Group discussion & Quiz

    Slick line
    o Introduction

    o Typical Rig up

    • Standard Tools
    o Running Tools

    o Pulling Tools
    o Positioning Tools.

    Factors To Consider in Planned Wireline Operation o Tubing Conditioning Tool.
    o Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP) Survey
    o Tubing and Casing Caliper Surveys

    o Fishing Tools and Procedures General Fishing Guidelines Packoff Anchors

    • Video

    • Group discussion & Quiz

    Electric line operation and Introduction

    o Rig Up & Rig Down

    o Pressure control equipment • Electric line operations

    o Perforation by CSG Gun o Open hole logs
    o Cased hole logs

    • Group discussion & Quiz

    Coil tubing
    o Coiled tubing uses

    o Coil tubing advantages
    o Coil tubing disadvantages
    o Review Coiled Tubing Equipment.

    • Coiled Tubing Application o Nitrogen lifting

    o Matrix Stimulation Treatment o Open Hole Logging
    o Cased Hole Logging
    o Squeeze Cementing

    o Under Reaming/Milling
    o Inflatable Packers and Bridge Plugs o Coiled Tubing Completions
    o Scale Removal
    o Chemical treatment
    o Water/Gas Shut-off
    o Fishing
    o Artificial Lift
    o Sand Placement

    • Coiled Tubing Technical Data
    o Coiled Tubing Operating Limits

    • Pressure and tension.

    • Diameter and ovality.

    • Fatigue and corrosion.

    • -umped or produced fluid

    • H2S effect.

    • Video

    • Group discussion & Quiz

    Well service operations (Rig or Rigless) o Hydraulic fracture

    • Introduction

    • Service equipment

    • Operation& procedures

      o Perforation

    • Types of Perforation guns

    • Explosive

    • Procedures

    • Wireline Perforating Hazards

    • Group discussion & Quiz

    • Well Service Engineers, Production Engineers and Production Technicians.

    Attendance to Basic Well Services Course and exposure to Well Completions and Well Interventions operations.

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