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    Intermediate Workover

    This course present intermediate level workover training and the definition of workover and completion. It will clear the processes and equipment used in well intervention and workover in today’s oil and gas fields.
    Participants will explore the mechanics of each of the processes and how to identify which process will work best for optimizing production. Participants will be introduced to the processes involved in design, implementing and troubleshooting of well intervention and workover systems.

    • 1st day quiz

    • Definition between completion and workover

    • Intervention means classification.

    • Well intervention main reasons

    • Well remedial and workover.

    • Review of completion installation and equipment technology.

    • Standard completion.

    • Intelligent completion

    • Multi-zone gravel pack completion.

    • Case Study

    • Group discussion and Quiz

    • Safety issue during servicing operations.

    • Intervention equipment set up.

    • Study of different well servicing cases:

    o Standard completion.
    o Tubing less completion. o Intelligent completion

    • Multi zone gravel pack completion

    • Deep water completion fitted with sand control equipment 

    • Light intervention case study

    • Case study

    • Group discussion and Quiz

    • Safety issue during workover operations.

    • Main operations:

    o Well neutralization and means.
    o Xmas-tress removal
    o Workover rig and BOP stack installation o Workover operation
    o Fishing operation

    • Case Study

    • Video

    • Group discussion and Quiz

    • Operation risk evaluation versus well operation cost and budget.

    • Depleted reservoirs:

    o Losses and potential reservoir damage. o Well kick-off after well intervention.

    • Study of different well workover cases: o Standard completion
    o Tubing less completion
    o Smart completion

    • Discussing the problems of workover

    • Ideas regarding simple well design

    • Case study and open discussion

    • Final Quiz

    • Completion Engineer / Supervisors / Superintendent

    • Completions Team Led / Manager

    • Well Services / Intervention Engineer / Supervisors

    • Workover Engineer / Supervisors

    • Petroleum Engineer

    • Reservoir Engineer

    • Drilling Engineer/Superintendent

    • Cross-Discipline Training

    Attendance to Basic Well Services Course and exposure to Well Completions and Well Services operations.

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