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    International Business Communication Skills

    First impressions are important and often there is limited time to catch and hold the attention of an audience. Therefore, what we say, what we write, and how it is presented can have a significant impact on whether the ideas and proposals accepted.

    This course will help participants achieve their business goals by improving their international business communication and influencing skills. Over half of the course will be dedicated to realistic exercises and role-play scenarios.  This will give participants the opportunity to practice international communication skills and build their confidence.

    Day 1

    Understanding Communication

    • What is communication?
    • Critical management competencies
    • Principles of effective communication
    • Barriers to communication
    • Understanding the audience
    • Communication in different cultures 

    Course participants will learn how to identify and apply the key principles of cross-cultural communication skills required by international managers.  Additionally, they will be able to assess their own communication skills and opportunities for development.

    Day 2

    Effective Oral Communication

    • Principles of oral communication
    • Oral communication skills
    • Communication skills questionnaire
    • Telephone skills
    • Productive business meetings 

    Course participants will learn how to use oral communication more effectively in order to achieve objectives. Special attention will be placed on increasing their effectiveness in leading and participating in business meetings.

    Day 3

    Effective Writing Skills

    • Principles of effective writing
    • Email: sending and receiving
    • Letter writing
    • Winning proposals
    • Effective report writing 

    Participants will learn how to use written communication by letter, email, and proposals more effectively in order to achieve objectives and persuade clients and colleagues towards their point of view.

    Day 4

    International Presentation Skills

    • Characteristics of successful presenters
    • How to plan, prepare, and practice
    • How to handle questions
    • How to deliver a presentation 

    Participants will learn the process that is necessary to follow in order for them to be ready to deliver high impact presentations to an international audience.  Check lists will be provided to help guide participants to this end.

    Day 5

    Performing Presentations

    • Dealing with nerves
    • Voice control
    • Attention grabbers
    • Dealing with questions
    • Using visual aids
    • Managing time
    • Using body language 

    The last day will cover dealing with nerves, voice control, attention grabbers, questions, visual aids, managing time, and using body language.  After an explanation of these principles, participants will learn how to cope with these during a presentation to ensure its success.

    This course is aimed at managers and professionals working in an international and/or multi-cultural environment who want to improve their business communication and influencing skills, thus enhancing the image of themselves and their organization.


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