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    International Management Skills

    This activity based course will further enhance the participant’s international leadership and people management skills.  This will enable them to implement change in their teams to improve business results. Participants will learn how to develop key international management competencies to achieve their business goals by improving the personal effectiveness of themselves, their reports, and their interaction with other stakeholders. 

    The majority of this course will be devoted to practical exercises, case studies, and role-play scenarios designed to give participants the opportunity to practice and develop their management skills.

    Day 1

    Understanding International Management 

    • Understanding the term “management” 
    • Effective time management 
    • Managing stress and work pressures 
    • Planning: scenarios, SWOT, SMART goals, and action planning 

    Through a series of group activities, course participants will learn how to identify the competencies required by international managers and how to apply the above to develop SMART goals and action plans in an international management environment. This is designed to improve their skills in critical areas of personal effectiveness.

    Day 2

    Communication and Influencing  

    • Your network of influence 
    • Influencing skills 
    • Position power and personal power 
    • The Persuasive Funnel 
    • Tips for influencing your boss 

    After explaining the principles, participants will work in groups to apply them in simulated business situations where they encounter difficult people. They will learn to assess their own levels of competence in personal effectiveness and relationship management.

    Day 3

    Situational Team Leadership 

    • Team development 
    • High performing teams 
    • Ten tips for team leaders 

    Participants will learn how to select team members and, through case studies, develop them to a fully functioning, high performing team. They will also learn how to maintain motivation and performance.

    Day 4

    Managing Performance Reviews and Change 

    • Performance review meetings and effective follow up 
    • Ten tips for effective performance review 
    • Self-assessment: your response to change and managing personal change 
    • Leading change in your organization 

    Course participants will learn how to plan, conduct, and follow up on performance through regular constructive reviews and they will be given the chance to apply what they have learned through a number of performance review situations.  Such reviews often lead to the need for changes in behavior by team members and their managers. Additionally, the organization may be changing in response to the business situation and this section provides guidance on how to achieve change and manage any conflicts involved.

    Day 5

    Challenges in 21st Century International Management 

    • Managing diversity 
    • Overcoming the tyranny of ‘one right way’ to manage 
    • Improving productivity 
    • How to continue to develop your career as an International Manager 
    • Self development – ten tips and individual action planning 

    This final day will provide participants with an overview of current trends and how to respond and position themselves to thrive in this environment.

    Managers and professionals working in an international and/or multi-cultural environment who have several years experience of management and want to improve their people management and communication skills

    • International leadership and people management skills 
    • Implementing team changes for business improvement
    • International competencies
    • Personal effectiveness and creating effectiveness in others


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