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    Introduction to 2D Mapping in Techlog

    In this technical webinar, we will discuss Techlog’s 2D Mapping workflow within the Geology module.

    Beginning with Map Creator, we’ll discuss all of the statistical model algorithms available for creating property maps based on input log measurements. You’ll then learn how to generate a property map for later display in Basemap.

    Next, Basemap basics will be discussed to show all the necessary properties information of each well displayed in the Basemap. Common warning messages will be discussed and explained for the purpose of troubleshooting in your daily workflows while creating Basemap displays. Finally, we’ll go over Basemap customization functionality and how to display property maps previously created in Map Creator.

    • Log Analysts
    • Petrophysicists
    • Review of MapView modules: Map Creator and Basemap
    • Map Creator:
      • Available Algorithms for property map creation
      • Workflow for generating property maps for display in Basemap
    • Basemap:
      • Necessary CRS, X/Y, Lat/Long property information, Common Warning messages and their significance
      • Customization of Basemap Display

    Displaying Property maps in Basemap

    • Techlog Fundamentals
    • Knowledge of Mapping

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