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    Introduction to Decarbonization

    The key objective for this course is to provide a vision about the decarbonization need in todays’ world. The environmental motivation, the complete story about air contamination versus just the decarbonization scope. Based on, the changing market and the forecast about the future energy needs, generation, and distribution value chains.

    This course provides a comprehensive overview as well of the complete decarbonization project management process, its economics, resources needs, technical needs, geopolitics and risks, and logistics. Emissions capture and its economics, subsurface studies, wells drilling, wells completions, surface facilities, and capture/wells sequestration operations monitoring. 

    Day 1 – Environment, Sustainability and Governance -ESG- impact, and how it’s driving a change in the energy market:

    • The complete Air contamination impact versus the different emissions scopes
    • Emissions scopes
    • Global warming factors
    • The Carbon Budget of our Atmosphere
    • Different type of contaminating emissions even in different type of energy sources more than hydrocarbons, its comparisons, and the impact in the future of our planet
    • Decarbonizing Global Energy
    • Carbon Neutrality

    Day 2 – Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration Projects - CCUS:  

    • Air contamination Economics 
      • International agreements, regulation, and the impact in the energy projects
      • Justifying an emissions capture project
      • Levelized costs per energy unit produced

    • CCUS Project overview and project management needs
    • Integrated Business cases and its potential globally
    • The Hydrogen case and the hydrocarbons need for it 
      • Heavy Industries and Manufacturing technological transformation
      • Global potential
      • Levelized cost of energy production and distribution in this case

    • Human civilization electrification, energy production and emissions 
    • Electric Energy Sources mix
    • Electric energy consumption forecast
    • IOT and IIOT impact and forecast
    • Environmental, Sustainability and Governance of the different type of energy sources to produce electricity

    Day 3 - Capturing Emissions:  

    • Different type of emissions, its chemical composition and capture
      • Pre-combustion Capture
      • Combustion
      • Product manufacturing
      • Live cycle product study
      • Post-combustion Capture 
    • Direct capture versus at the source capture economics
    • Capture by Oxyfuel Combustion
    • Carbon Dioxide Industrial Utilization
    • Midstream workflow and emissions capture
    • Emission capture and the Sankey analysis
    • Surface facilities design when designing capture in hydrogen production projects
    • Carbon Negative Technologies

    Day 4 – Geological, Drilling, Completions, and Surface Facilities Emissions Storage Project needs 

    • Seismic key aspects when starting to design an emissions project
    • Geophysics and Geochemistry studies needed for a reliable capture and monitoring allowance
    • Reservoir engineering needs for an integral capture
    • Emissions Leakage risk integral study, reservoir needs and well drilling, completions, and surface facilities operational needs while injection and sequestration operations.
    • Emissions Injection Capabilities
    • Well integrity and Drilling Engineering design for emissions injection to the reservoir 
    • Well Completions and Workover Engineering for a long-term integral injection asset
    • Surface Facilities for emissions Handling, Processing & Injection


    Day 5 – Forecast about the emissions capture, sequestration, utilization and storage business

    • Global emissions needs and the geopolitical impact 
    • Global storage capacity versus forecasted energy needs
    • The role of technology in the future of emissions capture
    • RECAP about a low environmental impact energy industry
    • RECAP about a sustainable energy industry where circulate economy and products life studies is key. United Nations sustainable development statements and the energy needs.
    • RECAP about a socially responsible energy industry and the human civilization behavior and needs complexity
    • Intelligence role to decrease ESG impact and manage excellence in execution in emissions capture projects

    The course is designed for all the professionals who are interested to gain basic knowledge in decarbonization of O&G industry, available technologies, and process for CCUS. 


    Day1 - Climate drivers 

    Day 2 - CCUS  

    Day 3 - Capturing Carbon

    Day 4 - Geological Carbon Storage 

    Day 5 - Prospects 


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