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    Introduction to Decarbonization

    This awareness courseis intended to familiarize personnel from O&Gcompanies, energy companies NEC, IEC,technology companies and regulatory entitieswith main climate drivers, Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS),the diverse ways to capture carbon (i.e., source, process,and air), the geological  and  environmentalconsiderations for carbon treatment and storage (reservoir,wells, surface facilities, etc.). In addition, the participant willlearn about global storage capacity, CO2 pollution & wastedisposal and  expected global low carbon industries. This course willbe provided via Remote Instructor Led Series (RILS); approximately4 hrs/day. 

    Day1- Climate drivers 


    ·        Global warming 

    ·        The Carbon Budget ofour Atmosphere 

    ·        Decarbonizing GlobalEnergy 

    ·        Carbon Neutrality 

    ·        Carbon Economics,Regulations and Agreements 

    Day2 - CCUS  


    ·        What is CCUS?  

    ·        Heavy Industries andManufacturing 

    ·        CCUS potential innumbers 

    ·        Hydrogen 

    ·        Electricity 

    Day3 - Capturing Carbon


    ·        Combustion 

    ·        Post-combustioncapture 

    ·        Capture by OxyfuelCombustion 

    ·        Pre-combustioncapture 

    ·        Carbon DioxideUtilization 

    ·        Carbon negativetechnologies 

    Day4 - Geological Carbon Storage 


    ·        Reservoirs, seals andtrapping the carbon dioxide 

    ·        Drilling Engineeringfor CO2 capturewells 

    ·        Completions andWorkover Engineering for CO2 CaptureWells 

    ·        Surface Facilitiesfor CO2 CaptureWells 

    ·        Leakage andmonitoring and its challenges 

    Day5 - Prospects 


    ·        GlobalStorage capacity 

    ·        CO2 pollution andwaste disposal 

    ·        Future developments 

    ·        A global lowcarbon industry 

    The course is designed for all the professionals who are interested to gain basic knowledge in decarbonization of O&G industry, available technologies, and process for CCUS. 


    Day1 - Climate drivers 

    Day 2 - CCUS  

    Day 3 - Capturing Carbon

    Day 4 - Geological Carbon Storage 

    Day 5 - Prospects 


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