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    Introduction to drilling - RILS

    This, Introduction to Drilling, course is intended for individuals who will be starting their drilling career or will be working closely with drilling departments within their companies.  This course will give participants a complete understanding of the processes involved in the drilling of oil and gas wells.

    To reinforce the learning opportunities some videos and basic exercises will be done.

    Well Construction Overview

    • Oil & Gas Field Lifecycle
    • Interaction with other disciplines

    Participants will have a general overview of well construction.  They will learn where drilling fits into the exploration and production process and its interaction with other domains.

    Well Construction Overview

    • Well construction risks
    • Roles and responsibilities of the team
    • Rig types and equipment     

    Participants will also learn what information is required and available for the well construction group, including different risks involved in well construction, as well as the roles and responsibilities at the wellsite and office.  The different rig types and main equipment used in well construction will also be discussed.

    Well Design Overview 

    • Geology Fundamentals
    • Timeline and long lead times

    It'll will focus on the design of a well.  Participants will get the chance to learn about data inputs, typical timelines, long lead times, offset well analysis, and well timing. 

    Well Design Overview 

    • Preliminary Well Preparation
    • Cost Estimation - AFE 

    Participants will get the chance to learn about what includes a preliminar well program preparation.  Costs, risks, AFE generation and the impact of surface constraints will also be covered.

    Casing and Directional Drilling 

    • Casing and Cementing Overview
    • Directional wells; types and applications

    The day will start with casing and cementing overview, utilization of videos will enhance the understanding of the process, then participants will focus on directional drilling.  

    Directional Drilling and Bits

    • Deflection Tools and Kick off Techniques
    • Bit types, features, and applications

    Several types of directional wells and their applications will be covered, as well as the different deflection tools and directional BHAs.  Finally types, features, and applications of bits will be covered.

    Geodetic Coordinates, Drilling Fluids and Well Control

    • Geodetics and coordinate systems
    • Surveying
    • Drilling fluids

    The day will start with a discussion over geodetics, coordinate systems, and the requirements of wellbore surveying.  Then a drilling fluids overview will continue to highlight their importance in drilling operations. 

    Well Control

    • Kick causes, prevention, and detection
    • Well control equipment   

    Instructor will discuss about well control, kick causes, prevention, and detection including the cause and significance of shallow gas.  The day will end with attendees learning about typical well control equipment.

    Well Execution and Real-Time Operations

    • Risk Management
    • Typical drilling problems and operations risks

    Well execution and real-time operations will be the main topics covered on the last day.  Participants will get the opportunity to learn about typical drilling problems, and operation risks.     

    Well Execution and Real-Time Operations

    • Failure Prevention
    • Real-time concepts, infrastructure, and monitoring

    We'll finalize with real-time concepts, infrastructure, and monitoring.  Interpreting real-time measurements will also be discussed.    

    • Well Construction Overview
    • Well Design Overview 
    • Casing and Directional Drilling
    • Geodetic Coordinates, Drilling Fluids and Well Control
    • Well Execution and Real-Time Operations

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