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    Introduction to DrillOps as a Digital Well Construction Execution Solution

    Participants in this course will learn all features that comprise the Digital Drilling Solution at the execution level. DrillOps solution at the rig site designed to deliver a well on Target in adherence to the Digital Drilling Plan. Participants will learn about all functionalities, workflows, and algorithms as AutoROP and Dysfunction Mitigation for drilling in full-on-bottom automation and advisory support mode. In addition, participants will learn about Operations Supervision through Orchestrate and Operational Automated Reporting.

    Day 1: General Overview of DrillOps Solution

    • DrillOps Rig Overview
    • AutoROP Algorithm
    • Drilling Dysfunction Mitigation
    • Stringer Mitigation
    • Drilling Advisory
    • Automate in Control
    • DrillOps Setup – Well Creation, RCS Connection, WITS, Active Data Source, In Slip Setup, Depth Manager, Rig State
    • Connection to Town
    • BHA and Run Manager
    • Automation Configuration, Segment management
    • Other Functionalities

    Day 2: DrillOps Simulator

    Exercise with VM

    Manual Drilling as Advisory Mode with TORU simulator.

    • AutoROP for 1 stand
    • Drilling Disfunction Mitigation (Stick-Slip, Lateral Vibration) for one stand
    • Stringer Mitigation for 1 Stand

    Full Automate Mode with TORU simulator.

    • AutoROP for 1 stand
    • Drilling Disfunction Mitigation (Stick-Slip, Lateral Vibration) for one stand
    • Stringer Mitigation for one stand

    Day 3: Drilling Supervising with Orchestrate and Drilling Reporting with IDS Datanet

    • Orchestrate Overview
    • Orchestrate Functionalities
    • Provision the well.
    • Well review
    • Accept Well
    • Activate Well, Pause the well, MOC.
    • Activity Tracking (Edit, Complete, Insert, Split, NPT, Operational Notes, Report Entries, Lesson Learned.
    • IDS DataNet – Intro to Automated Lean Reporting.

    Managers, Drilling Engineers, Well Engineers, Completion Engineers, Well Planning Specialists, Drilling and Completion Superintendents, Drilling Supervisors, and other personnel involved in Well planning and drilling operations.

    Topics to be covered:                           

    ·         DrillOps solution overview

    ·         DrillOps Automation – Functionalities

    ·         Rig Interface - Enablers

    ·         Differentiators

    ·         Control or Not Control / Partial Control

    ·         AutoROP algorithm

    ·         Drilling Dysfunction Mitigation

    ·         Create well and manage the well

    ·         Basic System Setup and Configuration

    ·         Job/Segment Setup, Assignment, and Activation

    ·         Advisory and Automate Demos

    ·         Drilling Supervisory with Orchestrate

    ·         Drilling Reporting Automation with IDS

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