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    Introduction to DrillPlan as a Well Planning Solution

    Participants in this course will learn how to deliver optimum well designs and automated drilling programs by harnessing the power of data for multi-disciplinary experts to work collaboratively with others in a team. The participants will work on hands-on project by following the workflow of well planning orchestration in DrillPlan and successfully producing a final drilling program at the end of the class.

    Day 1: General Overview of DrillPlan, Project Management, Subsurface & Trajectory

    ·         DrillPlan Dashboard, DrillPlan UI, and Menu options

    ·         Project management (project creation, join a project, add groups)

    ·         Task Management

    ·         Overview of Corporate Settings and Project Settings

    ·         Team management and collaboration

    ·         Digital review and approval workflow

    ·         Define CRS at Project Level, surface location, formation tops, temperature, and pressure window

    ·         Define boundary and geological targets

    ·         Automated Trajectory Design (ATD) and Trajectory Expert Mode

    ·         Survey Tool Code, AC Rules, and Master Survey Database (MSD)

    ·         Trajectory plots and reports

    Day 2: Wellbore Design, Operation Planning, BHA & Casing Design, Risk Management

    ·         Wellbore Geometry Design

    ·         Define Rig Configuration and Rig Assignment

    ·         Task Scheduler

    ·         Drilling Fluids and Cementing

    ·         BHA, Torque & Drag, and Hydraulics

    ·         BHA Builder, BHA Table, Drilling Operation Parameters

    ·         Hydraulics, Report, Optimization

    ·         Jar Placement, BHA Tendency

    ·         Kick Tolerance

    ·         Casing Design, Plot, Warning Signs

    ·         Corporate Settings: Rulesets, Load Cases, Catalogs

    ·         Risks Management and NPT

    Day 3: Offset Well, Activity Planning & AFE, Drilling Program, Orchestration and Validation, Multiplan, Project Finalization

    ·         Offset Well Analysis and Engineering

    ·         Activity time estimation (Activity Plan)

    ·         Define the Rules for a Price Book in MS Excel, import and update a Price Book Template

    ·         Prepare and update the Authorization for Expenditure (AFE)

    ·         Well Montage

    ·         Generate drilling program including Digital Drilling Program (DDP)

    ·         Report template management

    ·         Sensitivity Analysis

    ·         Plan and Validation

    ·         Using Basis of Design

    ·         Multiplan

    ·         Create DrillPlan tickets (Customer Care Center)

    ·         InTouch Support (internal users)


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