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    Introduction to Facilities Engineering

    The course consists to develop the knowledge and skill for the design requirement in each phase of engineering project named conceptual, basic and detailed design or using international terminology: Design Basis), Project proposal, conceptual, basic and detailed designs. The course covers the most important aspects of engineering disciplines in the different phases of the design: civil, mechanical, process, electrical; safety, instrumentation and control, communication system, piping and pipeline, and value engineering

    Day 1
    • Introduction
      • Project Initial evaluation
      • Project execution sequence
      • Benefits.
      • Cost impact vs project phase.
      • Standards to be applied.
      • Activities and deliverables in each phase of project development.
      • Conceptual Engineering phase.
      • Basic Engineering phase.
      • Detailed Engineering phase.
      • Estimated costs
    • Facilities Design Basis
      • Definition of the main element of the project scope (what would be built)
      • Definition of the project scope of work
      • Deliverables
      • The plan
      • Resources
    Day 2
    • Facilities Design Basis (cont.)
      • Design contractor information
      • Construction agency to effectively plan and execute the project
      • Cost estimation
    • Conceptual Engineering
      • Process Eng.
        • Input verification.
        • Evaluation of probable process strategies.
        • Typical deliverables (FD, main equipment list, preliminary specification of process elements, preliminary risk considerations, uncertainty estimation of product quality, environmental impact estimation, operational philosophy).
        • Review of real case examples
      • Mechanical Eng.
        • Preliminary layout.
        • Evaluation and preliminary sizing of pipeline, piping and process equipment.
        • Cost estimation.
        • Review of real case examples
    Day 3
    • Conceptual Engineering (cont.)
        • Piping and pipelines
        • Preliminary layout.
        • Evaluation and preliminary sizing of pipeline, piping and process equipment.
        • Cost estimation.
        • Review of real case examples
      • Civil Eng.
        • Evaluation and identification of main construction elements.
        • Preliminary sizing and Cost estimation
        • Real case revie
      • Electrical Eng.
        • Preliminary electrical power requirements.
        • Evaluation of power sources
        • Power distribution strategy
        • Cost estimation
        • Real case review
      • Instrumentation Eng.
        • Identification of instrumentation and control requirements.
        • Evaluation of control strategies.
        • Identification of main instrumentation.
        • Cost estimation
        • Real case revie
      • Review of Conceptual Engineeri
        • PFD and UFD development and approva
        • Sizing of process equipmen
        • Risk analysi
        • Safety requirements
        • Environmental impact evaluation
        • Review of operational philosophy.
        • Global test definition
    Day 4
    • Basic Engineering (and FEED)
      • Mechanical Eng.
        • Final process layout.
        • Piping and equipment layouts.
        • Specifications of mechanical equipment
        • Maintenance guidelines.
        • Energy requirements.
        • Pipeline preliminary design.
        • Material specifications.
        • Material estimation.
        • Definition of tests for mechanical equipment
        • Cost estimation
      • Civil Eng.
        • Loads estimation.
        • Preliminary design of buildings, foundations and main structures.
        • Roads.
        • Cost estimation.
        • Electrical power estimated consumptions.
        • Power generation/supply specifications.
        • Energy distribution system specifications.
        • Main electrical equipment specifications.
        • Area classification definition.
        • Cost estimation.
      • Instrumentation Eng.
        • Preliminary P&ID.
        • Control system specifications.
        • General specifications for instrumentation.
        • Specifications of data acquisition system.
        • Control valve preliminary sizing and specifications.
        • Alarm system philosophy.
        • Operation philosophy.
        • Maintenance guidelines
        • Review of Basic Engineering.
        • Basic Engineering consolidation.
        • Risk analysis.
        • Cost estimation.
        • Interaction among specialists
    Day 5
    • Detailed Engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering:
        • Design
        • Deliverable
      • Civill Engineering
        • Design
        • Deliverables
      • Electrical Engineering:
        • Design
        • Deliverables
      • Instrumentation Engineering:
        • Design
        • Deliverables
      • Piping and pipeline:
        • Design
        • Deliverables
      • Risk evaluation.
      • HSE evaluation

    Process, Mechanical, Instrumentation and control, Civil and Electrical engineering.   Engineering Project Magagers

    Basic knowldge of the oil and gas industry

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