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    Introduction to Flare Radiation and Gas Dispersion Safety Analysis using FlareSim

    FlareSim is the industry standard for flare stack design. For over 30 years FlareSim has been assisting engineers in the design and evaluation of flare systems, both onshore and offshore. Accurate modelling of thermal radiation, temperature and noise footprints generated by flaring allows for safe design and evaluation of the flare system. Dispersion calculations are also available to study both unburnt flammable gas and the pollutants of combustion.

    This course introduces the fundamentals of flare radiation analysis and provides a background knowledge of the use of FlareSim. The hands-on workshop helps users to identify objects, explore different options and learn how to generate and interpret results through step-by-step tutorial examples.

    • Process and HSE engineers involved in Flare and Relief system design. 
    • Other engineers who want to expand their understanding of Flare and Relief system design.
    • New and existing FlareSim users.

    • Global Calculation Options
    • Fluids, Environments
    • Flare Stacks
    • Flare Tips
    • Receptor Points
    • Receptor Grids
    • Radiation Calculations
    • Surface Temperature Calculations
    • Case Study Manager
    • Sizing of Stacks and Tips
    • Shields
    • Dynamic Analysis
    • Thermal Dose Calculations
    • Gas Dispersion
    • Overlays
    • Exporting Results
    • Flare KO Drum Design
    • Liquid Seal Drum Design

    A background in chemical or petroleum engineering.

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