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    Introduction to Geology eLearning

    Geology is a core science that underpins much of what we do in the Oil & Gas business. A good understanding of the principles of Geology as they apply to Petroleum is essential for any subsurface discipline.

    The primary objective of this course is to introduce E&P professionals to the key concepts and principles of Geology as applied to the Oil & Gas industry. The course will provide a summary of the fundamentals of Geology that need to be understood in order to integrate such information in the processes of petroleum exploration, development, and production.

    This course is suitable for anyone in the Oil & Gas industry with no prior knowledge of Geology.

    Module 1 - Introduction to Geology

    Module 2 - Geology in General

    Module 3 - Structural Features of Rocks

    Module 4 - Clastic Depositional Systems

    Module 5 - Carbonate Depositional Systems

    Module 6 - Geological Mapping and Cross Sections

    Module 7 - The Petroleum System

    Module 8 - Correlation and Stratigraphy

    Module 9 - Pore Systems and Diagenesis

    Module 10 - Geological Mapping

    Module 11 - Unconventional Resources


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