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    Introduction to Hydrogen Fuel

    This three-day course will cover fundamental concepts related to the production, storage and utilization of hydrogen. Oil and Gas professional will learn how they fit into the hydrogen value chain. The course is offering via virtual training 4 hrs./day

    Introduction to Hydrogen

    • The role of hydrogen in the energy transition (put the levelized cost of hydrogen, comparison between hydrogen and other fuels)
    • The Hydrogen Value Chain.
    • Terminology Related to Hydrogen 
    • Uses of Hydrogen
    • Exercise

    Hydrogen Production and Storage

    • Hydrogen Production Technology
    • Different Hydrogen Storage Technologies
    • Underground Hydrogen Storage
    • Hydrogen Project Management 
    • Exercise

    Risk Associated With a Hydrogen Economy

    • Health, Safety and Environmental Issues Related to Hydrogen
    • Supply Chain
    • Hydrogen Storage Risks and Security
    • Global Hydrogen Trends and Future Outlook
    • The Role of Oil and Gas Operators in Hydrogen Production 
    • Review of exercises

    Oil and gas personnel and professionals from other industries interested to obtain knowledge in Hydrogen fuel ( i.e.  role of  hydrogen in energy transition, production technology, benefits, precautions, transportation,  storage, and potential utilization, )  

    • Introduction to Hydrogen
    • Hydrogen Production & Storage
    • Risk Associated with Hydrogen Economy

    Background in Engineering or Geoscience education

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