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Introduction to Intelligent Completions Workshop

This course is delivered as a workshop; it is composed of two parts:

The first two days consist in the presentation of benefits and limitations of IC, different types of IC and discusion of IntelliZone Compact (Schlumberger technology). 

During the following three days, Participants, using reservoir and well completions data previously collected, will exercise the optimization of well completions using the concepts learnt in first two days.

Participants will be divided in groups of 2 or 3 elements each and will compete to develop the best completion design.

During the last day, the groups present their proposals to Management and the instructor.



Day 1

Introduction to Intelligent Completions

Typical Applications

Downhole Sensors and Fibre Optic

Day 2

Downhole tools

Passive versus Active Control

New Technology (Smaller, compact systems)

Day 3

Gathering information and data on multi-zone existing wells (geological, drilling, reservoir, production and completion data) and existing problems and limitations.

Day 4

Selection of fields candidates to implementation of IC. Summary of benefits and limitations. Draft of proposed completions.

Day 5

Presentation to Management and discussion.

Learning activity mix

Participants of Production Engineering Training program.

Purpose of Intelligent Compleitons, advantages and limitations of IC, flow control valves and inflow control devices, comparison between ICVs and ICDs, IntelliZonz Compact.

General knowledge of Well Completions, Downhole Production Equipment and Well Architectures (Vertical, Horizontal and Multi-Lateral Wells).

General knowledge of Well Performance, Formation Damage and Nodal Analysis.

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