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    Introduction to Management of Exploration and Production with OilSim RILS

    This course will provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of the entire oil company decision-making process from initial new country entry strategy through field abandonment.  It will cover the technical and business challenges, as well as the interactions with fiscal and government bodies.  This course will include the decision making process in various aspects from exploration to production, as well as typical business and economics framework of oil companies.

    Relevant industry case studies and success stories will be reviewed throughout the course.  The participants will gain an understanding of asset management throughout the lifecycle, which will be reinforced using oil and gas challenges, practiced via computer simulation. 

    Introduction and Strategy

    • Stage gate process
    • Strategic drivers and analysis
    • Full Risk analysis  - Political, Security and Economics
    • Introduction to Stakeholders
    • Tests of strategy

    Asset Value

    • From strategy to asset value
    • Legal Framework
    • Stakeholders and partners' engagement
    • Technology management

    Portfolio Management

    • Growth business models
    • Company structures
    • Planning Techniques
    • OilSim business simulation - Introduction and Sedimentary basins

    Fiscal Regimes

    • Royalties and Taxes
    • Production Sharing Agreements
    • Service Agreements
    • OilSim business simulation - Petroleum System and Oil and Gas Prospecting

    Petroleum Economics

    • Project Economics in upstream value chain
    • Project Evaluation
    • Expected Monetary Value
    • Expected Net Present Value
    • Decision Making, including decision trees
    • OilSim Business Simulations - License Round and Corporate Social Responsibility


    • Exploration Workflow
    • Exploration Risks
    • Features and Process of an Oil and gas Licensing round from Prospecting to Award
    • Exploration strategies
    • Project comparison as part of Portfolio Management
    • OilSim Business Simulation - Partnerships


    • Drilling Process
    • Locations and configurations
    • Drilling rigs
    • Well Design
    • Contractor negotiation
    • Authorization For Expenditure
    • OilSim Business Simulation - Exploration and Appraisal Drilling

    Field Appraisal and Development

    • Reservoir Appraisal
    • Development Concepts and the stages of Concept Maturity
    • Appraisal Assessment economics
    • Project Sanction
    • Value of information and reduction of uncertainty
    • Appraisal Strategies
    • Classification of petroleum resources and reserves
    • OilSim Business Simulation - Depletion and Facilities planning

    Construction of Projects
    • Construction Activities
    • Project Sanction
    • Project Management Approach to Construction of Facilities
    • Project Success Criteria
    • Procurement Activities
    • Drilling and Completions Functions
    • OilSim Business Simulation - Construction 

    Production Management

    • Production challenges 
    • Main types of Operating Costs
    • Monitoring and Optimization to asset value
    • Abandonment of Assets

    It is also suited to middle/senior managers who need an overview of the business of oil and gas, from the perspective of upstream asset and portfolio management.

    1. Strategy
    2. Asset Value
    3. Portfolio Management
    4. Fiscal Regimes
    5. Petroleum economics
    6. Exploration
    7. Drilling
    8. Appraisal and Field Development
    9. Project Management in Construction
    10. Production and Abandonment

    A background, degree or experience in the geosciences, engineering or a financial area (finance, accounting, etc.) is preferred but not necessary. Alternatively experience as a manager in the oil and gas industry.

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