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Introduction to Production Logging and Reservoir Monitoring

This course introduces you to the basics of production logging and fluid mechanics. You will learn the variety of problems encountered in developing a producing asset both from a well and a field perspective. You will also learn the fundamentals of diagnosing these problems using production logging tools and techniques as well as how to minimize future occurrences using proactive reservoir monitoring techniques.

(A three day abbreviated version of this course is available by request.  Please contact your regional NExT office for more information.)

Day 1
  • Tool conveyance using tractors and coiled tubing
  • Depth control in cased hole wells using GR and CCL
Day 2
  • Well completions applied to vertical, deviated, horizontal, and multi-laterals
  • Inflow performance and productivity index
Day 3
  • Measurements of fluid velocities using spinners, Pulsed neutron oxygen activation and fluid injections
  • Diagnosing production problems using production logs
  • Basic Production Logging tools
Day 4
  • Calibrating the spinner tool
  • Single phase fluid flow interpretation and productivity Index
  • Adapting logging techniques for  reservoir monitoring
Day 5
  • Pulsed neutron capture: Determining behind casing water, oil and gas saturations
  • Leak detection using applied temperature logging
  • Workshop on single phase flow and on estimating water saturation
Learning activity mix

Entry-level professionals of all disciplines and nontechnical support staff who are responsible for interpreting production logs or using production log interpretations.

An interest in learning more about well and field production and reservoir monitoring problems.

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