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    Introduction to Rigless Well Intervention

    This course is at intermediate level an overall revision of all technologies used in rigless well interventions, as well as the major concerns in the discipline.

    The course starts with a revision of well integrity and the formulation and placement of remedial cementing; describes methods to calculate frac gradient; discusses perforating methods; re-visits matrix treatments in sandstones and carbonates, presenting perforating as a valuable alternative; overviews fracturing and sand control management and sand cleanout; presents calculation methods for nitrogen applications; discusses applications for coiled tubing interventions and for fishing; and, overviews artificial lift methods.

    Day 1
    • Wellcome
    • 1st day quiz
    • Well Integrity
    • Cement Slurry calculations
    • Cement Squeezing
    Day 2
    • Cement Bond Logs
    • Determination of Frac Gradient
    • Perforating
    • Acidizing
    Day 3
    • Matrix or Perforating?
    • Fracturing Overview
    • Sand Control Management
    • Sand Cleanout
    Day 4
    • Nitrogen calculations
    • Alternatives to Workovers
    • Coiled Tubing 
    Day 5
    • Fishing
    • Artificial Lift
    • Last Day Quiz

    Technicians and Engineers dealing with well intervention operations and planning

    3 years field experience in well completions and well interventions.

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