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    Introduction to structural restoration | RILS

    This is a Remote Instructor Led Series (RILS) training. The remote classroom delivery is a modality that takes advantage of the instructor led training content, while allowing the same content to be delivered remotely.
    All training sessions will be delivered online with no face-to-face classroom attendance. This course will be delivered in 4 hours sessions over 2 days

    By underforming / reconstructing a pre-deformation state, structural restoration allows geoscientists to validate seismic interpretation, to narrow down structural uncertainty, to rank out some geological interpretations, to test concepts and to understand the timing of trap formation versus fluids migration. 

    This course will cover the theoretical aspects of structural restoration, present the most commonly used algorithms, give quick-look guidelines and discuss applications to exploration and production case studies in different tectonic settings.

    Note: no software is used during this course. All exercises are paper based. 


    • Introduction
    • Theory
    • Restoration algorithms
    • Extension, compression, structural inversion and salt tectonics
    • Quick-look techniques
    • Applications: validation of seismic interpretation, timing of deformation versus charge, sedimentation history...

    Throughout this course, emphasis will be put on case studies and exercices (in 2D: cross-section and map view) to allow students to apply the newly learnt tools and concepts and to train their eyes to quickly spot inconsitencies in fault pattern, lateral thickness variation...

    Geoscientists wanting to check the consistency of seismic interpretation before maturing a prospect or moving on to static modeling.

    • Structural restoration (map and cross section, 2D & 3D)
    • Palinspastic reconstruction
    • Depth of detachment level
    • Line balancing
    • Area / volume balancing
    • Vertical and oblique shear
    • Flexural slip
    • Fault parallel flow
    • Compaction
    • Flattening
    • Mechanical restoration

    Basic knowledge in structural geology, sedimentology and seismic interpretation.

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