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    Introduction to the Future Energy Mix - Seminar (Including Oil & Gas)

    1. Energies Introduction
    2. Environment, Sustainability and Governance  (ESG) 
    3. Different Energy Sources and Their Future Competitiveness
    4. Digitalization in the Energy Industry
    5. Regulations & Governance
    6. Case  Studies 

    1. Energy Introduction

    • Supply and demand of energy in the presentand factors of change experienced

    • Forecast of energy supply and demand(industry, country, etc.)

    • Trends in businessmanagement (innovation & leadership)

    2. Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ECG)

     ·   Environmentalimpacts and the flow of capital towards clean initiatives:

              a)   Impactof GHGs - greenhouse gas emissions, particulate matter and decarbonization,

              b)   Impactof the contamination of the water resource,

              c)   Impacton ecosystems,

              d)   Quantificationof Natural Capital  

      ·   Sustainability.

          • Definition of sustainability in the energyindustry

          • Circular economy, digitization andobservation of processes

          • Clean technologiesand innovation for sustainable development

      ·   Governance:

           • Definition of governance and social impact on sustainable development

           • Corporate behavior with internal and external agents and the benefitsof digitization in process


           • E&P companies' strategy towards sustainable development (Upstream& Downstream optimization)  

             Decarbonization, Biomass, Hydrogen Production, Geoenergy , Geothermal and others          

           • Importance of management strategy in sustainable development and technologicalinnovation

    Different Energy Sources and Their Future Competitiveness

    • Definitionand implications of the energy matrix (Oil and Gas + Others)
    • Mainchallenges in the implementation of a sustainable and competitive energy matrix
    • Mainrisks of the different energy sources and their coexistence
    • Marketdynamics, economic evaluation and business model

    Digitalization in the Energy Industry

    • Generaldescription of the digital transformation focused on the hydrocarbon valuechain (Upstream,
    • Midstream and Downstream)
    • Datamanagement and analytics for asset optimization in E&P
    • Applicationof smart technologies in the value chain and some examples
    • Impactof digitization on governance and sustainable development of companies
    • Analysisof the energy consumer of the future (strategy and innovation)
    • Digitizationas an enabler of new businesses for the energy industry

    Regulations & Governance 

    • Nationaland international trade of the future
    • Globaland sectoral agreements
    • Contractualmodalities: (oil and gas), International Trade (Schemes most used in the worldand trends)

        ·  Regulationof emissions and greenhouse gases

        ·  Casesof the application of credits and taxes to the impact on the environment,sustainability and                     governance

        ·  Governanceof the future, in a more digitized and cleaner era

    Case Studies

    • The oil sector and its impact on the world economy until 2050.
    • Strategic reflection of opportunities for energy transition, productionof sustainable fossil fuels and analysis of the energy consumer of the futurein  the particular country


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