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    Introduction to the Future Energy Mix ( All Type of Energies Deployment, Environmental Impact & Business Cases)

    This course is intended to familiarize energy personnel from NEC, IEC, technology companies and regulatory entities with what SLB visualize as future Energy Mix. The course covers the technical part associated with each potential source of energy, their environmental impact in air, water and ecosystems and its project management efforts including its economics. This course will be provided via Remote Instructor Led Series (RILS).

    1. Energy Introduction

    • Energy supply & demand
    • Energy consumption per industry
    • Energy historical data and statistics
    • Energy forecast consumption (industry, country etc.)
    • Different Energy Business Models
    • Energy efficiency & sustainable change

    2.  Environmental Impact

    • Different environmental impact causes and key variables
    • Air (current particulate matter – emissions & forecast)
    • Water (polluting matter and poisoning)
    • Ecosystems damages (temporal, recoverable and permanent damage)
    • Energy industry impact
    • Opportunity area



    3. Technologies & Measurements to prevent damage and mitigate impact

    • Sustainability definition
    • Technologies to improve air quality (measurements, source & contaminants capture - Including CO2,  methane, etc.)
    • Technologies to improve water quality (measurements, protect water sources, water treatment, water disposal)
    • Technologies to preserve ecosystems (measurements, ecosystem recognition, ecosystem value,    ecosystem recovery, human capacity for ecosystem creation)
    • Clean technologies recap

    4.Introduction to different type of energies (description, advantages, disadvantages, main risks, and challenges

    • Carbon
    • Oil & Gas
    • Eolic
    • Hydraulic
    • Geothermal
    • Nuclear
    • Solar
    • Biomass
    • Hydrogen

    5. Market trends for different type of energies

    • Statistics and forecasts
    • Grid, infrastructure requirements and availability
    • Energy decentralization
    • Storage capacity, alternatives and other needs
    • Business cases recap

    6. Energy Regulatory Entities, Organizations & Communities (USA, Europe, Asia and others)

    • Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE)
    • Regulations
    • Government expenses due to Environmental Damage

    7. Policies, regulations and agreements (Area / Worldwide)

    • Paris agreement
    • Nordic Case
    • California Case
    • Business case adjustment

    8. Case Studies Carbon Capture and Renewable Energies

    • A company evaluating to transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy source

    The course is designed for all professionals trying to introduce themselves to analyze in an
    integral way all options of energies. The deployment effort, the environmental impact and it’s

    1.Energy Introduction

    2.Environmental Impact

    3.Technologies & Measurements to prevent damage and mitigate impact

    4.Introduction to different type of energies (description, advantages, disadvantages, main risks, and challenges)

    5.Market trends for different type of energies

    6.Energy Regulatory Entities, Organizations, Communities (USA, Europe, Asia and others)

    7.Policies, regulations and agreements (Area / Worldwide)

    8.Case Studies Carbon Capture and Renewable Energies

    No prerequisite, People has been designed for awareness level  and for people who is interested to learn about  Energy Mix  and  coexistence  between fossil fuels and other type of energies.

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