• Class and Course

    Introduction to Well Completions - RILS

    • Introduction to the Course.
    • Initial quiz.
    • Revision of Reservoir concepts.
    • Characterization of reservoir fluids.
    • Well Completion methods. 

    • Flow in porous media.
    • Well deliverability (exercises).
    • Completion effects.
    • Flow in pipes.
    • Choke performance.
    • System analysis.

    • Wellheads.
    • Casing suspension.
    • Tubing selection. 
    • Tubing design.
    • Tubing connections.
    • Upper completion accessories.
    • Safety valves.
    • Packers.
    • Artificial Lift. 

    • Multilaterals.
    • Sand Control.
    • Fracturing.

  • Intelligent completions. 
  • Use of slickline equipment during well completion.
  • Perforations
  • Final Quiz

  • The course is designed for fresh-outs.

    The course introduces basic concepts of Completion Engineering. It familiarizes the attendants with conventional completions and equipment. Intelligent completions (ICV and ICD) are also explained.

    At the end of the course, attendants will understand the criteria for completion selection, the functions of typical completion equipment and accessories.

    This course is for fresh outs, however it is recommended that the attendants have been through courses of basic reservoir engineering, geology and drilling

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