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    ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services

    Course Objective

    • This qualification is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to use and manage resources (both human and technological). Most importantly, the responsibilities and requirements for translators, revisers, and their project managers.
    • The participants will be able to conduct Pre-production processes and activities that a client and translator should take ahead of translation in terms of handling inquiries, providing quotes, and signing client-TSP agreements that cover the format and medium of a finished translation. As well as the Production process by defining the translation process itself and the ideal workflow.
    • This qualification would help the participants in post-production processes in terms of feedback and correction processes, which ensure that clients are satisfied with the final version considering the data security and confidentiality.
    • Classroom - Listening and contributing to discussions and exercises (group Discussions and workshops).

    Awarding Body:

    IIRSM – UK (Requirements for Translation Services).

    • History of ISO 17100:2015 and requirement for translation service model, 
    • Term and definition in the context of ISO 17110:2015,
    • Workshop No. 1
    • Translation resources:
      • Competency of the translator, reviewer, project manager,
      • Regular competency maintenance and updating,
      • Technical and technological resources. 
    • Pre- production activities; inquiries, feasibility, quotation, and agreement with TSP,
    • Case study No. 1,
    • Handling of project–related client information.

    • Project preparation administration activities
    • Technical aspects preparation 
    • Case study No. 2
    • Preparation and linguistic specification 
    • Case study No. 3
    • Production process;
      • Translation service project management 
      • Translation process; translation, check, revision, review, proofreading, final verification, and release 
    • Post-production process feedback and close administration

    • Freelancers starting in the translation industry.
    • Experienced freelance translators.
    • Project managers in the translation industry.
    • Business owners in the translation industry.
    • End clients.
    • Any other person who is interested in ISO 17100.

    • History and farmwork of ISO17100:2015
    • Explain terms and definitions of translation services.
    • Explain the resources for translation competency of the translator, reviewer, project manager, and technological resources.
    • Explain pre-production activities and project administration activities.
    • Explain the translation process in terms of translation, check, revision, review, proofreading, final verification, and release.
    • Explain post–production process feedback and close administration.

    • Anyone who works with a translation company.
    • Anyone who deals with a translation company or who wants to learn more about ISO 17100.

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